Drinking Alcohol

Aiming to shed belly fat is a good health goal to work towards every day. Especially since visceral fat (the fat in your abdomen) is associated with many health problems. For example, base Harvard Medical School, visceral abdominal fat is associated with poor metabolic health and increased risk of chronic diseases, including heart disease and diabetes. In addition, this type of constipation increases the risk of breast cancer in women. The good news is that making smart drink choices can help you get rid of that stubborn belly fat once and for all.

But just as important as knowing which drinks are good for weight loss, it’s just as important to know which ones to watch out for. We discussed with Destiny Moody, RDN, CSSD, LDWith a registered dietitian and sports nutritionist Garage Gym ReviewsWho shares 10 popular drinks to avoid if you’re trying to lose belly fat?

If you’re ready to tighten that waistline and say goodbye to unhealthy drinks, read on to find out which drinks are sabotaging your weight loss goals. And when you’re done, see what happens to your body when you drink green tea.

Blended coffee drinks

High Sugar Coffee DrinkHigh Sugar Coffee Drink

Drinking sweetened blended coffee drinks may seem harmless, but the hidden sugar and empty calories contribute to the accumulation of belly fat. “Frappuccinos and delicious lattes are great ways to treat yourself after a hard day, but many people make the mistake of believing that these drinks can replace regular coffee,” Moody explains. “While black coffee averages five calories per serving, a 16-ounce Frappuccino contains 380 calories. That’s more than a medium fry at McDonald’s. That much sugar and saturated fat is not good for your waistline.”

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Soft drinks

A Collection Of Sugary DrinksA Collection Of Sugary Drinks

Soft drinks are another delicious drink loaded with added sugar and empty calories, making them common culprits in belly fat. Their high sugar content can also cause insulin spikes, which can lead to belly fat. “Sodas come in a variety of flavors, but they’re basically carbonated, high-fructose corn syrup,” says Moody. “The problem with sugary sodas is that they increase blood sugar levels, causing the body to pull water out of the cells and dissolve water. This makes you thirstier, which prompts you to drink more soda and before you know it. “We’ve consumed hundreds of calories that have no nutritional value and lead to rapid weight gain. .”

Fruit juice

Fruit JuiceFruit Juice

Although fruit juice may seem healthy, the valuable fiber in whole fruits often concentrates the sugars. This can cause blood sugar levels to rise quickly and sabotage your efforts to lose belly fat. “It’s misleading to believe that fruit juice can help you lose weight and stay healthy because it still contains sugar,” Moody explains. “The fiber in whole fruit fills you up and helps control calorie intake, which is not found in fruit juice, which causes you to take in a lot of sugar and calories in a short amount of time. This makes it harder to lose belly fat.”

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Pilsner BeerPilsner Beer

Excess calories from alcohol contribute to fat storage, especially around the midsection. Also, it contains alcohol Seven calories per gramAvoid going if you are trying to lose weight. “Beer contains wheat, making it high in calories,” Moody says. It’s a driver.”


Sweet CocktailsSweet Cocktails

These calorie-dense concoctions are loaded with sugar, which secretly increases total calorie intake and causes belly fat to accumulate. “Cocktails contain alcohol, which is a big problem for weight loss. However, when it comes to cocktails, the real culprit is the mix. Cocktails often add soda, fruit juice and syrup to make spirits more interesting. But combining these. High-calorie ingredients are refined, burning sugar. And alcohol creates its own cocktail: a cocktail for visceral fat gain,” says Moody.

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Pre-Made SmoothiesPre-Made Smoothies

Smoothies may be a surprise on this list, but store-bought or super-sweet smoothies often contain more calories than you might expect. Loaded with sugar and often lacking in fiber, these drinks can lead to energy crashes and weight gain. “Although smoothies are full of healthy nutrients like fruits and vegetables, they can be loaded with sugar and lacking in protein unless intentionally added,” says Moody. “This can trigger your hunger faster than it should and cause you to overeat later, which can spread to you with belly fat.”

Sports drinks

Sports DrinksSports Drinks

Despite their association with athletics, sports drinks are often high in sugar and calories. Unless you do regular exercise, these drinks will keep you from taking in too many calories and burning belly fat. “Sports drinks are formulated specifically to deliver sugar and electrolytes quickly to athletes during intense exercise,” Moody explains. “However, many people mistakenly believe that drinking in their spare time is harmless. Sports nutritionists do not recommend that athletes drink sports drinks unless they have been exercising for more than an hour due to the sugar content. Even though it has a fruity, hydrating taste, it is a very good, average sports drink. 220 calories with no nutrients, but loads of sugar.

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Three MilkshakesThree Milkshakes

The combination of high sugar content and saturated fat in milkshakes is the main culprit behind belly fat accumulation. Moody says, “Milkshakes are typically made with full-fat ice cream, which is full of fat. Body.”



While slushies can be a refreshing treat, they’re often loaded with added sugar, which can spike insulin levels, leading to belly fat. “Slushies are basically crushed ice with added sugar and artificial colors,” says Moody. “If you let one sit long enough for it to fully dissolve, you’ll end up looking like syrup in a Styrofoam cup. Avoid excess calories (and brain fog) by passing these drinks up.”

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Energy drinks

Energy DrinksEnergy Drinks

With their high caffeine and sugar content, energy drinks can provide a temporary energy boost but at the cost of increasing your belly fat. “Some energy drinks contain extra sugar and excess calories, but many contain artificial sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners can trick the body into thinking it’s receiving sugar without sugar. This can trigger your brain to seek out the sugar it expects, so you overeat. It makes you and makes constipation worse,” Moody says.