The 2022 Major League Baseball Stars will be played on July 19 in Los Angeles. This will be the second time the star-studded game will be played at Doder Stadium since it hosted the Classic in the mid-1980s. Los Angeles hosted the 1959 All-Star Game at the Memorial College Angels Stadium in Anahem three times. 1967, 1989 and 2010).

The game is as usual. This means Astros Manager Dumara Baker is leading AL. Good Major Brian Snitker leads the NL.

Full details were released Sunday night. Beginners will be voted on by the fans, the seats will be filled with player votes and the commissioner’s office. Managers are no longer part of the process.

Here are the details. The starting point for each league is selected one day before the game.

American League Beginners

C Alejandro Kirk, Blue Jay
1 b Vladimir GereroJr., Blue Jay
2 b Jose AltuveAstros
3 b Rafael Davers, Red Sox
SS Tim Anderson, White socks
Of: Judge Aaron, Yankees; Mike Trout., Angels; Giancarlo StantonYankees
DH weep Shohai OtaniAngels

National League Beginners

C Willson Contreras, Puppies
1 b Paul Goldsmith, Cardinals
2 b Jazz Chishol, Marlins
3 b Mani Machado, Fathers
SS Traya Turner, Dodgers
Of: Ronald Coin, Jr., Braves; Mookie BettsDodgers; Joc Pedersen, Giants
DH weep Bris Harper, Phyllis

American League Collection

C Jose TrevinoYankees
if so Louis Ares, Twins; Xander Bogaerts, Red Sox; Jose Ramirez, Guards; Andres Gimenez, Guardians
Of: George SpringBlue Jay; Byron BuxtonTwins; Andrew Benindendy, Royals; Kyle Tucker, Stars; Julius Rodriguez, Sailors
DH weep Jordan AlvarezAstros

Heritage: Miguel Cabrera, Tigers

National League Collection

C Travis d’ArnaudGood
if so Nolan ArenadoCardinals; Pet Alonso, Mets; Jeff MacnellMets; CJ Crown, Rockies; Dansby SwansonGood
Of: Kyle SchwartzPhyllis; John Soto, Citizens; Starling MartMets; Ian HapPuppies
DH weep William ContrerasGood

Heritage: Albert PujlesCardinals

Harper is injured and Contreras will start against Harper in the DH slot. The Contreras brothers began their star-studded career together in 1992 with Roberto and Sandy Alormar.

American League hackers

This is the second straight season. No one else has.

National League Vendors

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