A woman biting into a cinnamon roll

A woman biting into a cinnamon roll

When it comes to unhealthy foods, it doesn’t get any worse Very sophisticated Species. Highly processed foods are mostly made from processed ingredients that have been stripped of their nutrients, such as refined sugars, carbohydrates, fats, and more. Not only do these foods tend to pack in calories, they also offer no nutritional value, making them a terrible addition to your diet. In addition to causing high blood sugar, overeating, weight gain, and disease over time, they can lead to inflammation and cause serious harm to you. IntestinesIt affects every aspect of your health, including your mood.

“Ultra-processed foods contribute to chronic inflammation that can cause or worsen gut health issues, mood and overall health.” Lisa RichardsCandida Diet creator and nutritionist confirms. We asked Richard and his nutritionist to find out more Trista is the best Balance One Supplements talks about some of the worst highly processed foods out there and why they should be avoided. They told us all about inflammation, the effects of processed foods. Breakfast cereals, sugary pastries and prepackaged oatmeal. Get their expert insights below!

1. Sugar grains

even if Sweet cereal While it can be a quick, convenient, and delicious breakfast, Richards warns that it comes with a variety of health risks—especially when it comes to gut health. For this reason, she recommends cutting out sugary, processed breakfast cereals and replacing them with varieties that are free of sugar, artificial coloring and refined carbohydrates. You may be surprised how much better you feel when you cut out these ingredients—not just in your breakfast cereal, but in your overall diet as well. “Making this change not only reduces the number of stimulants in your diet, but also changes how you start your day,” says Richards. “What we feed ourselves first thing in the morning tends to guide our eating habits throughout the day, for better or worse.” It’s known!

2. Breakfast pastries

Unfortunately, for those of us who love a trip to the bakery or enjoying a delicious brunch, the best sugar says, Mixed breakfast pastries Another major culprit is intestinal problems and inflammation. This is mostly due to the high refined sugar content of these tricky desserts. “This food is hard on the gut mainly because of the added and refined sugars used to make it,” she says. “A diet high in this type of sugar promotes gut dysbiosis and an imbalance of gut bacteria.” He added that these added sugars added during the manufacturing process “are a food source for bad gut bacteria, which can cause an imbalance and overgrowth of this bacteria and candida.” And as we’ve mentioned before, your overall health can take a serious hit when your gut bacteria are out of whack. You may experience problems like swelling and low mood.

3. Prepared oatmeal

Although homemade oatmeal makes a wonderful, fiber-filled breakfast full of healthy nutrients, Richards says: Prepared, prepared species They are often loaded with sugar and other artificial ingredients, which we all know are terrible for your stomach, mood and overall health. “Unfortunately, these are full of bloating and gas-inducing ingredients,” she tells me. “The added sugars, refined carbohydrates and potential lactose/fructose in some flavors can cause many negative gastrointestinal side effects.” all right! As mentioned earlier, sugar in particular can aggravate digestive problems because it is a “food source for bad bacteria and irritates the gut.” High-fructose corn syrup, another common ingredient in packaged oatmeal, “produces gas by feeding the bad and often gas-producing bacteria in the gut,” says Richards.

In general, processed foods can harm your overall health. The highly processed, synthetic ingredients in these foods can damage your gut, cause inflammation and ultimately affect your mood. And while it’s best to cut out all processed foods as much as possible, the ones on this list are a good place to start.

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