When it comes to looking your best, your diet plays a key role in how much wrinkles you get and how big your belly gets. According to a study published in Nutritious foodsspecific Sweet foodsSugary snacks and fried, baked, or fried foods have significant potential. Age and damage your skin. This comes as scary news, especially for someone who likes lounging outside around the grill and pool and enjoying all the cooking that summer has to offer.

Whether you go hard on sugar or Fried food You can make up for some of the damage by knowing what key drinks can help this year. Reduce visible aging While helping to burn excess calories. Eat this, not that! Consult a few experts to help you cut down on the drinks you want to work into your daily diet to avoid an over-30 day.

If you need to lose weight fast and are ready to focus on burning fat all over your body, make sure to reach for it. 4 best drinks for fast weight loss As supplements to make you look your best.

Chlorophyll water with fresh green mint

Chlorophyll water It may sound incredibly trendy, but this drink’s ingredients have what it takes to burn belly fat while keeping you looking younger.

“Chlorophyll water is an easy way to flush out toxins, promote skin health, and provide the body with high levels of antioxidants,” he says. Trista Best, RdRegistered Dietitian in Scale one.

“The antioxidants found in chlorophyll work to remove and reduce toxins and free radical damage in the body,” Best continues. “When this damage is allowed to happen, one health risk includes skin aging and many other side effects. Chlorophyll water contains natural anti-inflammatory compounds, which means the skin experiences less inflammation, which can cause sagging skin and wrinkles.”

While Chlorophyll water It’s full of antioxidants, and the name suggests that the ingredient takes digestion and fat burning to the next level.

“Chlorophyll improves the quality of red blood cells, allowing them to carry more oxygen,” explains Bust. “The greater amount of oxygen circulating in the body means more nutrients and energy flow as well. Better nutrient absorption and increased energy will promote weight loss by allowing you to participate in more physical activity.”

Kombucha tea

If chlorophyll water isn’t up your alley, you can’t go wrong with a tried-and-true bottle. Kombucha Stop the aging process and burn some pounds while you’re at it.

“The secret to kombucha is fermentation,” says the registered dietitian Hayley MillerMS, RDN, LDNas if Individual nutrition. “Fermentation is a natural process that produces probiotics, friendly bacteria that help the gut microbiome function optimally. A healthy gut has been shown to promote weight management and healthy aging.”

Not all kombucha is equal. Make sure you choose the right type for you and choose from 11 Best Low-Sugar Kombucha Brands You Can Buy.

A glass of water

One of the most effective fat-burning and youthful-looking drinks is right under your nose right now.

“It’s the closest thing you want. WaterKatie Tomashko, MS, RDNRegistered Dietitian Nutritionist at Sports smiles He says.

“It provides water MoistureHelps support a healthy metabolism and healthy lifestyle. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help control/maintain weight and help you lose some [effects] Aging such as cognitive impairment and decreased skin integrity.

Black coffee

If you love waking up to a steaming cup of black coffee, you’ve probably already discovered one of the best drinks to keep your stomach flat and your skin looking ageless.

“[Black coffee is] “It’s a calorie-free, hydrating drink that’s high in anti-inflammatory antioxidants,” he says. Dana Ellis HunessPhD, MPH, RD. “Both for both fat burning (by revving up the metabolism – just like caffeine) and anti-aging by keeping the skin plump and hydrated.”

Black coffee is good for more than burning calories and making your skin look younger—you’d never guess. The surprising side effects of drinking black coffee, according to nutritionists.

Green tea in a cup and tea spoon and tea leaves on a wooden spoon

Although black coffee sounds tempting, most people can’t imagine giving it up in the morning Green tea Instead of a cup of joe – especially if you want to burn some belly fat. Fortunately, green tea offers the same benefits as black coffee.

Dr. Hunes explains that green tea contains antioxidants. Stop inflammation It ensures that you stay hydrated on the road. These combined factors slow down the aging process and ensure you stay one step ahead of age lines and wrinkles.

Black tea

Dr. Hunes also ranks black tea alongside green tea as a great way to burn belly fat and slow down aging. Amazingly, this drink contains anti-inflammatory, anti-wrinkle and even anti-bacterial properties Increases metabolism.

If all that wasn’t enough, black tea plumps and hydrates your skin, making it an amazing drink to reach for when you’re parched and want to do your body a favor. If burning fat and keeping fit isn’t enough, A major side effect of drinking black tea It may convince you to rotate this drink regularly throughout the day.

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