KINGSTON, St. Vincent, CMC – A St. Vincent Superior Court judge has sentenced a 26-year-old man to more than 17 years in prison after he was found guilty of killing a woman he thought was HIV positive. .

Judge Brian Cottle sentenced Dezron Roberts to an additional 17 years, five months and 11 days in prison after serving four years awaiting trial.

On June 27 this year, Robert pleaded not guilty to charges of murdering Rhodesia Rochelle Bailey between October 24 and 27, 2018.

The court heard that Roberts, then 22, had sex with Bailey, 30.

In the year On July 16, 2018, Bailey told Roberts that she was HIV positive, and two days later he went to a doctor who advised him to get HIV treatment and get tested after exposure.

Roberts began a course of the medication, but felt some of the side effects were too severe and did not fully comply with the prescription.

He was very depressed and thought about killing himself but was afraid to tell anyone about his problem for fear of the backlash.

However, he continued his sexual relationship with Bailey and decided to kill her in October 2018, thinking she was infected with HIV.

On October 25, 2018, he went to Bailey’s home with a knife. When she lies in only her underwear, Roberts tells her he’s coming to kill her.

Bailey tells Roberts she’s not afraid to die, and he puts down a knife and starts strangling her. Bailey tried to get the knife but was unsuccessful and Roberts continued to try to strangle her.

Unsatisfied with trying to take Bailey’s life this way, Roberts picked up a knife and began stabbing Bailey, holding him as she begged for her life. Roberts stabbed her several times before she let go.

Bailey runs from the house but falls nearby.

Roberts went home and a passer-by found Bailey’s body the next morning.

An autopsy revealed she died of multiple stab wounds.

After being arrested, Roberts confessed to killing Bailey and taking them home.

In sentencing Roberts, Judge Cottle said he did not need to depart from the guidelines for the purposes of criminal punishment: retribution, deterrence, deterrence, rehabilitation, and that the court should follow the sentencing guidelines unless it results in a miscarriage of justice in a particular case. .

Judge Cottle added that the court could sentence an adult convicted of murder to the death penalty, full life imprisonment or a fixed term.

He said there was a lot of suspicion involved in the murder, saying Roberts took the knife to the scene and told him he was coming to kill the victim.

The judge said the social inquiry report showed Roberts had grown up without parental guidance and had been abused by foster carers. He dropped out in Form 3.

Judge Cottle said he found that Roberts did not have the coping skills or social support network to deal with the consequences of having HIV and the associated social isolation.

Roberts said it was unfortunate that when faced with crises, he could only see the option of violence. But he said he doesn’t see Roberts being upset again.

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