Professional gamer Philip “ImperialHal” Dosen made headlines this weekend after he refused to shoot his opponent in a competitive match when he realized the opposing player was disconnected.

As pointed out by Apex Legends Intel, ImperialHal was competing in the Apex Legends Global Series 2022 — a championship with a cool $2 million — when he discovered a single player from afar. After watching them for a second or two, he told his TSM teammates, “Don’t shoot him. Don’t shoot him, bro! He’s crashed.”

You can watch the full exchange in the tweet below:

After some back-and-forth with his bandmates, Dosen once again insisted they don’t get involved: “He’s 100 percent down or crashed or something. Don’t hit ’em — it’s Scarz.”

Dosen after fans and opponents praised him for his sportsmanship on Twitter he answered: “It’s the least any player can do here with these problems”.

Nor did the staff suffer for this small act of kindness; both TSM and Scarz hit today’s heat.

We reported about it today in the relevant news Respawn has a new single-player FPS set in the Apex Legends universe in early development.

Known only as an “Apex Universe FPS Incubation Title,” the game is in its very early stages, but the team is already looking to bring in a slew of new developers for what appears to be a “new” single-player shooter. Restore the single player adventure”.

What’s particularly interesting is that Respawn specifically calls it the Apex Legend universe, not Titanfall, because Titanfall comes first and Apex is influenced by much of it. Is this a game that will only focus on the locations, legends and lore of Apex Legends? Or could it be Titanfall 3 dressed up as something else to throw us off the scent? For now, all we can do is watch this space.

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