Samsung Tv Screen Peel

When buying a new electronic device, it is not unusual to have a protective plastic film covering the screen. This prevents scratches and keeps the screen looking brand new until it reaches the customer.

That is, if there is really a protective film. Sometimes, what looks like a protective plastic layer is part of the design, as many Samsung Galaxy Fold users have learned when trying to remove the phone’s screen protector (it was actually the screen itself).

Now, a TikTok user’s story of making a similar mistake with his TV has gone viral. In a video that has more than 2.6 million views on Saturday, TikTok user Kelsey (@kumalashstudio) claims that after peeling off part of her TV’s “screen protector,” she discovered that what she removed was actually integral to the TV’s function.

“We thought it was protective plastic because it really looked like that,” he says, as the video shows the plastic film being removed from the TV. “So we started peeling it off and didn’t realize it was a real screen we were shooting.”

As Kelsey points out in the video, she’s not the first person to do this by accident. There is multiple posts that people do over the internet it’s exactly the same thingonly said Samsung replaced the TV in Kelsey’s case.

@kumalashstudio I feel like I can talk about it now for a long time. WHY wasn’t there a sticker on the front saying it wasn’t protective plastic. Don’t take it out 😭 #Moving to Spain #usatospain ♬ original sound – 🇺🇸KUMA|Life & Lashes in 🇪🇸

In the next video, Kelsey explains why they filmed the polarization. First, he says that the film already pulls up a bit, and he initially claims that the film can be removed so easily that he assumed it was meant to be.

Second, he notes that the TV was not connected when they started doing it; they realized their mistake only after they closed part of the way by removing the film.

“It would be a very easy fix to just put a little sticker that says ‘not a screen protector’ or ‘don’t pull it,'” Kelsey said. “But there was nothing there.”

In another follow-up, Kelsey reported that it’s not uncommon for TVs to come with protective plastic films, and that she’s personally purchased several TVs with such protective films.

@kumalashstudio @Lulu answers ____• We answer all your questions about why and how we tore the screen on our new TV #usatospain #move abroad ♬ original sound – 🇺🇸KUMA|Life & Lashes in 🇪🇸
@kumalashstudio Reply to @clarissa on the great protective plastic discussion. Why do people think TVs don’t have protective plastic? #usatospain #move abroad ♬ original sound – 🇺🇸KUMA|Life & Lashes in 🇪🇸

In the comments section, many users claimed to have either done the same or realized Kelsey’s mistake.

“Why do they make a screen with a peelable corner in the first place,” said one user.

“Design flaw. the screen should be under the frame so that the edges are not exposed, they peel off,” added another.

“Omg I did the same thing when I got my new TV,” shared a third. “Thankfully I realized very quickly and only made a small corner.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Samsung via email and an Instagram direct message with Kelsey.

*First published: January 13, 2024 at 9:00 a.m. CST

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