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Michelle Francis is pictured fully recovered from her surgery (left) and one day after brain surgery to remove a tumor (right).Brain tumor research

  • woman They started hitting on loved ones, he had “zero energy” and didn’t want to socialize anymore.

  • Doctors gave Michelle Francis, 47, antidepressants for her symptoms.

  • After the seizure, she was diagnosed with a meningioma, a tumor that starts in the brain or spinal cord.

A woman who was treated for depression after struggling with fatigue and low mood was diagnosed with a brain tumor the size of an orange after a scan after a seizure.

Michelle Frances Menjioma, 47, had a A healthy tumor It starts in the brain or spinal cord.

In the United States, about 371 people are diagnosed with meningitis each year, and about 2,692 people are diagnosed with the disease. National Cancer Institute Cancer Research Center.

Antibiotics did not work for the suspected sinus infection.

Frances, who lives in the United Kingdom, first went to her family doctor in June 2020 after feeling tired and dizzy. The doctor gave her antibiotics for what was thought to be a sinus infection, which she said didn’t work. the sun.

After a few months, Frances developed new symptoms, including: Screaming in her earsblurred vision – despite regular eye exams – and numbness in her leg and arm.

She called and went back to the doctor because she was so sick. Sleep. At that time she had “zero energy” and was “very low”, she spent most of her time in bed, and the doctor prescribed her. Anti-depressants.

“Things were so bad I couldn’t even cook or take a shower,” she said.

Frances, who described herself as “focused” and “happy” before her illness, says she has gained 35kg and temporarily gained weight because she was not very active. Diabetes Excessive obesity.

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Francis’s personality changed

Frances also stopped dating, and began touching her boyfriend and mother, which she said was out of character.

“After that I was really scared of being bad at them, which made me even more anxious and put me back in bed again,” she said.

Frances said she used to be a conscientious person but started to fall behind at work and was suddenly with her colleagues. By October 2021, she was unable to work.

“I felt like there was a constant black cloud hanging over me,” she says.

Francis underwent a six-hour brain surgery to remove the tumor

In the year In November 2021, Frances had a seizure at home, and a scan revealed that a left-sided brain tumor was compressing her optic nerve.

In January, Francis underwent a 6-hour brain surgery to remove the tumor.

Regular follow-up since then has shown that her tumor is inactive, with no signs of regrowth, but she is currently not allowed to drive and takes anti-seizure medication.

Francis is raising awareness about brain tumors and their symptoms.

Francis is working with UK-based charity Brain Tumor Research to raise awareness. Brain tumors and their symptoms.

Symptoms of meningitis vary depending on the location of the tumor, but include: vision changes, loss of hearing or smell, confusion, seizures, and Headache The worst in the morning.

“I went to hell. But I know that I am one of the lucky ones. My operation was successful, my tumor is not cancer, and I survived,” said Francis.

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