Lily Venus’ symptoms initially seemed to indicate a pulled muscle in her neck. However, this was a common illness Stage-four cancer is hidden. Here’s what happened.

A woman who is shocked to discover this common symptom is a sign of stage four cancer.

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A woman who is shocked to discover this common symptom is a sign of stage four cancer.

Lily Venus, an English woman from Winchester, thought she had mild muscle soreness after working out, but in reality She had stage-four blood cancer. Lily Venus, now 26, was 24. She began to complain of severe neck pain. Being a sports coach, she thought she had simply made a wrong move and pulled a muscle in her neck. in short, She was not worried about her pain..

Her story is a testimony. You should always talk to a doctor When you feel something is wrong. Because sometimes you go in for a cold check, no matter what. This is what happened to Lily Venus when she finally decided to see her doctor.

The pain was a sign of stage IV blood cancer.

Lily Venus finally She decided to visit her doctor. After noticing a lump on her neck. The tests and analyzes began and after two weeks the verdict was in: Lily was in fact. He suffers from stage-four Hodgkin lymphomaHigh blood cancer.

It was a young woman Tumors on her neck, chest and lungs. Lily started treatment immediately. She Twelve chemotherapy treatments were performed, which was absolutely exhausting. Especially since the bad news didn’t stop there, it was emotionally draining for the young woman. This treatment can cause her to lose her fertilityAccording to doctors.

of NHS gives An exhaustive list of Hodgkin’s lymphoma symptomsIt helps to better understand and prevent late diagnosis.

The most common symptom of Hodgkin lymphoma is swelling in the neck, armpit or groin. The swelling is usually painless, although some people experience pain.

of Daily Mail It explains It’s more common than we think.:

It affects around 2,000 people in the UK and 8,500 in the US each year.

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Lily Venus is now on parole for a year.

But since then Lily fought back. And he was in remission for a year. Another good news is that she kept her experience and So you can have children. Since then, she has even returned to her old life. She can play sports again. As part of her daily life. The sports coach said. Daily Mail She is thankful that she finally visited her doctor He saved her life..

My cancer was already stage four and Hodgkin’s lymphoma was growing fast. Who knows where I would be if I hadn’t started chemotherapy right away.

As reported Daily MailThe young woman now has only one desire and one urge. To be a mother. Let’s wish her the best!

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