A woman has shared her dismay online after reading a note she felt was “insulting” her family doctor.

In a post on the popular chat site Mumsnet, user Ispy9 revealed that she had been suffering from pain for about a year. Anxiety And Depression And visited her doctor for support.

Season covid The number of adults in the U.S. with symptoms of anxiety or depression has increased immediately after the pandemic and last year. CDCThe percentage of adults with recent symptoms increased from 36.4 percent to 41.5 percent, and those who reported unmet mental health care needs increased to 11.7 percent.

Describing the situation, a woman from England wrote: “I’m in a much better place than I was, so it doesn’t matter now, but I’m still very angry. I suffered a lot a year ago. Anxiety and depression. I went to see my doctor about it.

Doctor notes and angry woman
A file photo of a doctor making medical notes, left, and a woman looking upset after reading something on her phone. A woman’s outrage over her doctor’s “indecent” comment has become the talk of the Internet.
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The patient had downloaded UK. National Health Service (NHS) An app that allows patients to access their medical records. But when a Mumsnet user started reading her own, she found something upsetting.

“I saw that my doctor wrote the following notes during the appointment about my mental health: – Examination: she does not sleep, does not take care of herself. Lacks courage, looks down, shoulders are hunched, does not wear a bra, hair is not brushed.”

After reading the notes, she asked, “Am I being reasonable in thinking that these comments on my file are grossly offensive?” she asked.

The woman may have felt that the notes on her file were rude, the relationship between self-care skills and depression is well documented. in fact, Studies show that depressionn Difficulty maintaining personal hygiene, such as leaving hair unwashed, not brushing teeth, reduced hand washing, difficulty bathing, and wearing the same clothes for days in a row.

Changes in self-care and lack of motivation to perform normal self-care tasks are common symptoms of depression.

Researchers have met for a long time Depression leads to frontal lobe dysfunction– An area of ​​the brain responsible for executive function that supports problem solving, judgment, and reasoning.

After the Mumsnet user shared her sentiments, others were quick to share their reactions with more than 140 comments.

One answer: “I think it’s the facts that describe how you manifest?” Another said: “It was to reflect how you behaved during your depression and I guess in this case they are rude but observations. This is evidence that you were depressed.”

Another Mumsnet user said: “It’s a factual observation, it’s easy to understand that it’s a tough read for you.”

“Lots of people who are too ready to get offended by factual comments. Being rude is one of the first signs of depression, not judgment if it’s true,” said another commenter.

News week He could not confirm the details of this case.

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