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Aaron Judge explains a dirty look during a HR at-bat.

Aaron Judge explains why he kept looking into the Yankees dugout before hitting a 462-foot home run against the Blue Jays.

toronto — Before hitting a 462-foot home run in the New York Yankees’ 7-4 win over the Toronto Blue Jays, Aaron Judge said he was trying to figure out which of his teammates was yelling at plate umpire Clint Vondrak while watching his own pitching session. Monday night.

The Yankees slugger looked sideways before driving a 114.9 mph right-hander at Jay Jackson.

“There was a lot of noise from our pit, which I didn’t like in the situation,” said the judge.

New York led 6-0 at the time, and three games earlier, Vondrak had fired Yankees manager Aaron Boone for an umpire’s low strike call. Boon exits the hole to release Vondrak and the ship’s commanding officer, James Hoey.

Toronto broadcasters noticed Judge looking into his own dugout before the homer and assumed he was looking for some kind of sign.

“It’s weird for a pitcher to look that way,” Blue Jays manager John Schneider said.

The umpire said some of his colleagues were still expressing their displeasure as the batting continued.

“After the manager did his thing, I felt like, ‘Fellas, our pitcher still needs to go out there and make some noise. We’ve got the lead, let’s go to work here,'” Judge said. “I told some guys a couple of things in the at-bats and especially after the game. Hopefully it doesn’t happen again.”

Boone said he understood Judge’s frustration with the trash distraction.

“Judgie was like, ‘I’m hitting here,'” Boone said.

Judge hit two solo homers Monday, his ninth and 10th of the season. It was his third multihomer game of the year and 30th of his career.

Judge has 30 home runs with Toronto, the second-highest total behind 35 with the Baltimore Orioles.

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