Detroit Lions v Green Bay Packers

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Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers He said Tuesday that he “hasn’t thought about anything” to do with his own football future since the end of the Packers’ season, but he certainly seems to be keeping an eye on what others are thinking.

Rodgers said during an appearance on The Pat McAfee Show that he won’t make a decision about playing before the Super Bowl in 2023, but added, “I’m sure I’ll feel a lot stronger about one in two weeks.” Of the two decisions”

Rodgers’ comeback season is just one piece of the puzzle. Rodgers may share the option to play for another team and the Packers may want to trade Rodgers. Jordan love He can enter the first quarter of work. Rodgers said he wasn’t considering those options before the decision to play, but believes other potential deals are being discussed.

“It seems that there are conversations going on that do not concern me. Interesting” Rogers said.

Given the uncertainty surrounding Rodgers’ plans, the Packers would be foolish to be caught unprepared for any of the options on the table. It’s clear that nothing involving the other team can move forward without Rodgers’ involvement, but it’s no surprise that they want to know what happens when and if Rodgers decides to play in 2023.

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