It’s sad news for the rosy-cheeked drinker.

If you knock a few back and feel warm water running down your face and ears, you’re not alone.

While it’s often thought of as more of an annoyance than a danger, drinking alcohol can be a sign of a more serious underlying cause of brewing. A new study suggests.

approx 8% of the world’s population Most of the demographics of East and Southeast Asia experience the drunken feeling, which was previously called “Asian glow”. But this is more than just a nuisance at night – the draining is caused by a hereditary, hereditary hiccup. Those with the gene variant ALDH2*2 lack the ALDH2 enzyme, which is responsible for metabolizing alcohol.

Stanford Medicine researchers evaluated what exactly happens when a person flushes alcohol. Life-threatening illnesses.

Girls drink
Even just one drink can cause serious harm, experts say.
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The study, published in the journal Science Translational Medicine, looked at mice with the same genetic variation.

“We found that mice carrying this variant had an enlarged artery,” said co-author Joseph Wu, director of the Stanford Cardiovascular Institute. He told The Daily Beast.. “When treated with alcohol, mice with this variant show increased blood vessel size, increased blood vessel thickness, and reduced blood vessel constriction and relaxation.”

Researchers concluded that there is an inflammatory response in blood vessels that restricts blood flow and has the potential to cause coronary artery disease.

Men drink
But even those who don’t experience booze are at risk for health consequences.
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They then turned their attention to people who were willing to take part in the study, people who had problems with their veins after consuming just “one normal drink”.

But all hope is not lost, Wu emphasized. Empagliflozin, a diabetes drug, has been shown to reduce symptoms in human cells cultured in their lab. The drug can be a preventative solution for people who are defined as “high risk” and “over-drinkers”.

Although the drug can prevent the life-threatening effects of alcohol, it does not stop the redness of the booze that seeps into your cheeks.

But even people who do not have dark alcohol are not safe from the dangers of drinking, studies show. When the leak was Associated with some cancersConsuming just two drinks a week can be harmful.

“Studies show that no amount or type of alcohol is good for your health,” say authors from the Canadian Center on Drug Use and Addiction. It was announced at the beginning of this month On the agency’s new guidance. “Alcohol consumption, no matter how small, affects everyone, regardless of age, sex, gender, race, alcohol or lifestyle.”

While it is good news Dry January fans WHO can feel the FOMO out at night. The same feeling echoed Condemning the use of “group 1 carcinogens”. The World Health Organization has called alcohol a “toxic, psychoactive and addictive substance,” stating that no amount of alcohol can be healthy.

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