As soon as the grid was released, the team was trying to solve the technical problem with the car, and the rubber blankets of Alonso’s car were attached to the grid on the handles.

However, due to the closure of the engine, when the grid leads to another formation cycle, it buys Alpine In addition, Alonso could not start from Pitlan because the car could not be fired.

Annoyed Alonso said the car was completely closed on the grid, for unknown reasons.

“Five minutes before it started, we completely turned off the lights and couldn’t turn on the car.”

“We tried to burn it with an external battery, but it didn’t work, so there’s something big out there and let’s try to fix it tomorrow.

“We tried to be ready because they weren’t in the starting grid but the second battery didn’t work so there’s a big deal like I said.”

Alonso starts Sunday’s main race from the back row and now fears the “weekend is over” as it may seem difficult to get through the final.

“Yes, it’s over. In general, the weekend, because as we have seen here, there are car trains and they can’t pass.

“It’s going to be frustrating on DRS trains and things like that. So we’re trying to be creative with the strategy and maybe we’re trying to be lucky with safety cars or something.”

“So let’s see, but I think it’s going to be a very, very long race behind a lot of cars.”

Fernando Alonso, Alpine A522

Fernando Alonso, Alpine A522

Photo by: Glenn Denbar / Motor sports images

It was a recent setback for the Spaniard, who retired earlier this season, and said the 40-year-old has been driving well in 10 years.

Alonso is the 14th-ranked player with 28 points after finishing fifth in the Silverson season. Stephen O’Connor.

“I feel like I’m probably driving a lot this year, thanks to the experience. Maybe at 2012 and I have 20 points or something like that, so it’s unbelievable.

“Maybe we lost 70 points. If we count all the pensions and bad luck and insecurity, I estimate 60 points so it’s a very strange time.

Although, as I said, I am very proud of my work this year.

“If we don’t get the points, all these reasons are obviously very disappointing but I’m more sorry if it’s my own fault.”

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