It was launched a few months ago with a completely familiar design and feature list and surprisingly received a lot of enthusiasm from consumers and reviewers alike. Apple Watch Series 8 didn’t exactly get the most important one discounts for the first few weeks commercial availability.
Today, it changes in a big way, as Amazon is trying to bring (even more) cheer up your homes early in the holiday season with up to $210 off the regular price of a variety of Series 8 models. These obviously aren’t the most affordable devices you can normally get your hands on, but even with independent cellular connectivity and premium stainless steel construction, you’re looking at a discount of up to 30 percent.
To maximize your savings ahead of Black Friday 2022, you should go the graphite stainless steel case route with a midnight sport band in size S/M, or opt for a silver stainless steel case paired with an M/L white sport band. .
Both of apple The Watch Series 8 versions are being discounted from the aforementioned whopping $210 to $700 list price for what is sure to be a limited time… though no time has been specified at this time.

The same goes for several lower-priced models that feature a matching red sport band in M/L and a red aluminum case combined with all midnight aluminum case/sport band combos available for S/M and M/L wrists. $499 for the regular price of $110.

All of these deeply discounted devices come with (reasonably) compact 41mm cases and built-in support for making and receiving voice calls on their own. Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t currently offer significant price discounts for customers who prefer the 45mm or GPS-only models either.

Still, there’s really no reason to settle for GPS connectivity (unless you need a 45mm option), and if you want better long-term durability without breaking the bank, now’s definitely the time to go with the stainless steel-produced Apple Watch Series 8.

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