AMD’s EPYC Genoa 9000 CPUs and the SP5 socket accompanied by its cooler are pictured once again. The next-gen EPYC lineup will pack a monstrous performance under the hood with 96 cores and a 400W TDP. revealed in leaked specifications a few days ago.

AMD EPYC Genoa 9000 CPU with Zen 4 Core and SP5 Socket, Pictured Heatsink – Big, Badass and Blazingly Fast Server Chip

The AMD EPYC Genoa The 9000 CPU provides support for new memory and new capabilities. In the company’s latest details, reports state that the SP5 platform will feature an all-new socket with a massive 6096 pins housed in an LGA socket format. This processor will be AMD’s most significant socket design and will add 2,002 more pins than the current LGA 4094 socket set.


for AMD to access those 96 cores, the company needs to cram more cores into the EPYC Genoa CPU package. AMD will achieve this by including up to 12 CCDs. Each CCD will offer eight cores based on the upcoming new Zen 4 architecture. It fits the size of an extended socket and can witness a significant CPU interposer – more prominent than current EPYC CPUs. The processor is said to feature a TDP of 320W, configurable up to 400W.

AMD EPYC Milan Zen 3 vs EPYC Genoa Zen 4 Size Comparisons:

Process node TSMC 7nm TSMC 5nm
Basic Architecture Zen 3 Zen 4
Zen CCD Size 80mm2 72 mm2
Zen IOD Size 416 mm2 397 mm2
Substrate (Package) Area TBD 5428 mm2
Socket field 4410 mm2 6080 mm2
Socket Name LGA 4094 LGA 6096
Max Socket TDP 450W 700W

Photos of the socket have previously been seen online, but the new designs are shown in a higher resolution in the latest set of photos. Likewise, we see a picture of the SP5 cooler, which will be fastened with eight Torx screws.


The next-generation data center AMD EPYC Genoa CPUs will be available in Q4 2022 and are expected to appear before rival Intel’s Xeon Sapphire Rapids reveal mass production. Both AMD and Intel processors are said to be available to select customers for early deployment and testing.

News sources: Twitter, Reddit, VideoCardz

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