All Anime Spirits Codes (January 2024)

Xena: So naturally, when I heard about the anime Ghosts, I couldn’t resist giving it a try. To explore this game, engaging in battle was a fun and incredibly relaxing experience.
Bandits and bosses, completing quests and sailing the vast seas.

Why are anime ghost codes important?

Before heading out, I always make sure to check out the Anime Ghosts codes to unlock some fun freebies.

List of codes available in Anime Spirits:

1. Itadoru Shard: Enter this code to get a free Itadoru Shard.

2. Sixth: This code will give you free six eyes.

3. MitigGojo: Redeeming this code will reward you with x5 Race/Perk Spins and x200 Gems.

4. YUTOUPDATE: You can get x500 Gems by using this code.

5. CURSEDFINGER: This code gives you a free finger.

6. MythicalSakuno: Enter this code and you will receive x5 Race/Perk Spins and x200 Gems.

7. Trading: Use this code to get x2 Race/Perk Spins.

8. SantasGift: You will get x10 Race/Perk Spins by purchasing this code.

9. NPCFIXES: This code gives you x5 seeds/benefits and x200 gems.

10. EVEMOREFIXES: Enter this code to receive x5 Race/Perk Spins and x200 Gems.

11. Extras: You can enjoy x2 EXP for 15 minutes by using this code.

12. ChristmasPart1: Redeeming this code will give you 5 contests/benefit contests.

13. Itadorupdate: You will receive x500 Gems by entering this code.

14. GOJOHUPDATE: This code will reward you with 3 races/benefits.

15. FREESOUL: Use this code to claim a free soul.

16. UPDATE2: Enter this code to get 3 Race / Perk Spins.

17. 2MILLVISITS: This code gives you 2 races/benefits.

18. 10Like: Using this code you will get x2 Exp for 30 minutes and 10 Race/Perk Spins.

19. UPDATE1: Use this code to receive x100 gems.

20. 5Klikes: You will get 2 Race Spins and 2 Perk Spins by entering this code.

21. 500KVISITS: This code will give you x100 gems.

22. 3Klikes: By purchasing this code you will get x150 Gems and 3 Contest/Perk Spins.

23. 1Klikes: Use this code to get x150 Gems.

24. DOUBLEEXP: This code rewards you with a Double XP buff for 15 minutes.

25. Mods: Use this code to get x2 Race Spins and x2 Perk Spins.

26. Redemption: You will get x3 Race Spins and x3 Perk Spins by entering this code.

Using the codes in the anime ghosts

It is worth using these codes to take advantage of the rewards they offer as soon as possible. However, some codes like ‘DOUBLEEXP’ should be used wisely and only when you’re ready for experience grinding, as it automatically activates the boost. As the game is still relatively young, none of the codes in Anime Ghosts are outdated. However, codes like ‘1KLIKES’ and ‘Release’ may expire soon.

More codes and tips

If you want to reset your stats in the game, you can use the code ‘RESETSTATS’.

Additionally, entering the code ‘TAKLAMAN’ will reward you with x5 Perk Spins.

Redemption codes in anime ghosts

The process is simple and requires only a few steps.

1. Launch Roblox and join the anime spirit game.

2. In the lower left corner, above your health bar, find and select the MENU option.

3. Select “Codes” from the icons that appear.

4. Enter one of the job codes from our list, making sure you type it correctly.

5. After entering the code, double check to make sure you typed it correctly and then click ‘Redeem’

6. Congratulations! All the goodies associated with Take Code are now yours!

Anime Ghosts is a fantastic Roblox game that offers a great mix of adventure, combat and exploration. You can enhance your gaming experience by unlocking various rewards using the above mentioned codes. So don’t forget to check for new codes regularly and take advantage of the opportunities they offer!

Questions to be asked

Q: Are there any expired codes in Anime Spirits?

A: So far the game is relatively young so none of the codes are out of date. However, they may be codes.
Like ‘1KLIKES’ and ‘Release’ will expire soon.

Q: How do I reset my stats in Anime Ghosts?

A: You can use the code ‘RESETSTATS’ to reset your stats in the game.

Q: What does the code ‘TAKLAMAN’ do?

A: Entering the code ‘TAKLAMAN’ will reward you with x5 Perk Spins.

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