Angelian Trigger
Photo: PiXEL

The Nintendo Switch is already home to many retro and modern shoot ’em up games, and if you’re hungry for more, you might want to keep looking. Angelian Triggerwill come to the hybrid system in 2023.

This anime and Space HarrierThe -style game developed by PiXEL will offer a unique 3D-2D game style with both English and Japanese language support. Although additional information about the title has not been released yet, the lineup has been announced.

Here’s the summary (via Gematsu):

Character Design: Akihiro Kimura (ZAVAS, Emerald Dragon, Alshark, Alnam no Kiba: Juuzoku Juunishinto Densetsu)
Akari Kaida (Darkstalkers, Resident Evil, Breath of Fire III, Okami)
Hidekuni Sasaki
2D Animation:
Yukihito Tanaka
Enemy Character Design: Yu Hiraoka, Soushokunin Dora, uhper2319
Effects Design: Toshikazu Arai

What are your first impressions of this upcoming Switch release? Comment below.

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