Last we heard from Aphex Twin, Richard D. James was released Six songs on SoundCloud in 2020. These followed 2014’s excellent comeback effort SYRUP. Today, Warp Records announced new, free sound design software called “Sample brain,” produced by Aphex Twin and fellow Brit Dave Griffiths.

On the official website, Samplebrain is described as a “custom sample mash program” that “breaks samples down into a ‘brain’ of small interconnected parts called similarity networked blocks”.

The description continues: “The target processes the pattern, divides it into blocks in the same way, and tries to match each block with a block in its brain to play in real time.

This allows you to interpret the sound with a different voice. As we worked on it (in 2015 and 2016), we added more and more tweakable settings until it gradually got out of hand.”

Try Samplebrain for yourself here.

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