Follows iOS 16 public releaseApple has approved older generation users iPhone models will lose the ability to display their iPhone’s battery percentage directly in the status bar.

iOS 16 beta battery percentage icon
one updated support documentApple says the new battery percentage screen isn’t available on the ‌iPhone‌ XR, iPhone 11the iPhone 12 miniand iPhone 13 mini. Apple hasn’t provided further information on why these devices will miss out on the new feature.

apple added the battery percentage is displayed on the icon iOS 16 beta over the summer. A new link, which can be found under Settings and Battery, allows users to see the battery percentage directly in the status bar at any time without having to scroll to the Control Center.

Ever since the notched iPhone X, users have been asking Apple to make it easier to see their iPhone’s battery level right in the status bar. Still, Apple’s latest implementation has proven itself controversial.

The new icon contains the battery percentage inside the icon instead of to the left. The white battery icon remains fully charged until the battery reaches 20% or lower, at which point one-fifth of the icon turns red and the rest transparent.

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