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Financial news publication Fast Company took the unusual step of sending several obscene push notifications containing racist language to Apple News subscribers after it reported its website had been hacked on Tuesday night.

“The content management system account was hacked on Tuesday evening,” a spokesperson for the publication told CNN.

“As a result, two obscene and racist push notifications were sent to our followers on Apple News, about a minute apart. The messages are disgusting and do not correspond to the content and ethics of Fast Company,” the statement said. “We are investigating the situation and have closed until the situation is resolved.”

The statement also said the hack “appears to be related to a hack of that occurred Sunday afternoon, when similar language appeared on the site’s home page and other pages. We shut down the site that afternoon and restored it about two hours later.”

“Fast Company regrets the appearance of such offensive language on our platforms and Apple News, and we apologize to anyone who saw it before it was removed,” the statement said.

People trying to access the website on Tuesday night were met with a 404 page, indicating that the website was completely offline. It is not yet clear how long the site will be down.

“Apple News” company also touched on the incident in a statement published on its Twitter account.

“An incredibly offensive warning was posted by Fast Company that has been hacked,” the company said. “Apple News has disabled its channel.”

It is not clear who is responsible for the hack and how serious it is.

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