For much of the 21st century, Apple quieted its doubts and became the world’s most valuable technology company by conquering product markets one by one.

However, the Bay Area giant reportedly has skeptics within the company for its mixed reality headset, which will be released this year. Over the years, Apple executives, including CEO Tim Cook, worried about the headset’s appearance and popularity, while internal debate over the device’s design delayed its release. Bloomberg report published on Thursday.

Barring further delays, Cook will unveil his new product at the Worldwide Developers Conference in Cupertino on June 5 — a goggle-like headset with a battery pack that will use both virtual and augmented reality features and work on the new Apple, Bloomberg reports. operating system. This is expected it will cost about $3,000.

While Cook reportedly wasn’t heavily involved in the headset’s design, he was in favor of a lightweight option from the beginning of the product’s development. “No one here – very few people – thinks it’s acceptable to hang around here and connect to a computer. Very few people will think it’s okay to be closed off because we’re all social people at heart,” Cook said at a 2016 tech conference. But the headset rumor Called “Reality,” Bloomberg reports, the screen will actually surround the face while simulating eye movements and facial expressions.

Other executives have expressed concerns, including Craig Federighi and Johny Srouji, senior vice presidents of software engineering and hardware technology, respectively, Bloomberg reports. Srouji warned that the focus on developing headphones would slow down the development of the iPhone chip.

With billions of dollars invested in the project and over 1,000 engineers reportedly involved in its development, the stakes are high for Silicon Valley’s biggest hardware launch of the year — especially Apple was delayed the headset has been around for three years.

Michael Gartenberg, Apple’s director of worldwide product marketing from 2016 to 2019, told Bloomberg that the launch of the unproven headphone market could be “one of the biggest tech flops of all time.”

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