The Module Upgrade a new mechanic to be introduced during the system period Lasting echoes event that allows players to upgrade any existing Modules they already have Stage 2 and 3 by further improving stat boosts and changing Operator Talents. This system is designed to provide Operators with better tailored boosts instead of the more generic Character changes that have been made so far, and depending on the Module can result in incredible increases in survivability.

Materials needed for these upgrades Additional information bar For stage 2 and Data Extension Devices For stage 3. It will be presented alongside two new materials Stationary Security Service mode, a constant event that provides these materials in very limited quantities. In addition to this new game mode, these items can be purchased at certain event shops.

Due to the scarcity of these new materials (each 6★ Operator requires 60 and 20 respectively, plus more) Modular data blocks) and the high regular material cost of these upgrades (7 Tier 5 Materials from Stage 1 to Stage 3 and a total of 220k LMD), it’s pretty important to prioritize which Module Upgrades you should focus on and which ones you shouldn’t. which ones are worth the hassle, and up to what Upgrade Level.

This level list will be the focus only the relative strength of the Module Upgrade. This will not evaluate the overall viability of the Operators post-module, but rather how powerful these Module Upgrades are and how much they increase the Operator’s performance. individually. In short, if you use these Operators often, how much of a priority are their Module Upgrades?

(Updated to list The Dark Traveler)

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