Cleveland, Ohio – “There is nothing wrong with Carolina.

That is what Ellis Williams told me about the Browns. Sending Baker Mayfield to Carolina Panthers Fourth or fifth round picks for the future.

Williams must be a well-known name For many readers. The Panthers beat was part of our Browns cover team for two years before he started working at the Charlotte Observer at the start of last season.

So Williams sees Mayfield in Cleveland and the Panthers in 2021. It’s a special sight, that’s why I called it. Panthers in the last three seasons 5-12, 5-11 and 5-11. Passed in four cubes. Carolina head coach Matt Ruhle is struggling to keep his job after winning 10 of his first two seasons with the Panthers.

Panthers hired. Many former Brown assistant coaches mourn- James Campen (attacker), Chris Tabor (special teams), Al Holcomb (linebackers) and Steve Wilks (defensive back). The new offensive coordinator Former New York Giants head coach Ben McAduard.

And yes, there is an old friend and Baker Buddy Rashard Higgins in Carolina.

There is despair in Carolina. Former Bayer Leverkusen coach Ruhle must at least get into the relegation zone. This is the goal for 2022.

None of this should be new to Mayfield, who have come to the Browns after being 4-44 in the last three seasons. give up. Coach changes. New list. He has gone through all that and more.

“How many top coaches did Baker have?” Williams asked me.

“This will make it five in five years,” I said.

“He had to learn new mistakes quickly,” says Williams. “This will help him here.”

Baker Mayfield and Sam Darnold

Baker Mayfield and Sam Darnold hugged after the game in 2020. They were similarly in the 2018 draft. They are now together in Carolina.
Joshua Gunter,


“The team says it’s an open competition between Darnold and Baker,” Williams said. But I expect Baker to start. He is better than Darnold.

The Panthers are counting on Mayfield, why another few weeks in training camp?

It was Mayfield Choose number 1 in the 2018 draft. Darnold was the No. 3 choice in the Jets. Darnold could not do much in his career. Meanwhile, two of Mayfield’s four seasons have been good in Cleveland.

The Panthers have a third-round pick, Miss Coral, from Mississippi. PJ Walker and Davis have checks – they give a total of five people in their QB class. But the Panthers are looking to renew Frances in the final season of his contract at the highly-rated Mayfield.

As for Darnold, he has had the last two seasons. Record 6-17 as a beginner. What is most disturbing is its 18 TD passes compared to 24 interceptions. That’s why the Panthers made the deal. I heard the two clubs agreed a trade deal a few weeks ago, with the Browns paying $ 18.8 million from Mayfield.

The final step was to renew the Carolina-Mayfield contract. QB agrees to waive $ 3.5 million salary It has the potential to return to incentives based on the games played.

Finally, Carolina bought Mayfield for a midterm election and is only paying $ 4.8 million from her salary.

“It’s a good deal for the Panthers,” Williams said. “They have nothing to lose by giving up so little.”

Not Jacksonville

“The team has some talent,” Williams said. “DJ Moore (93 receivers) is an Amharic Cooper type receiver, maybe better. Christian McCaffrey (Pro Bowl running back) is healthy. The offensive line is better. This is not Jacksonville (Jags were 3-14 last season).

The Panthers are ranked 30th overall. 29th in points (17.9 per game) Last season. Macaulay has played just 10 games in the last two seasons. He averaged 1,245 yards in 2018-19 and averaged 110 passes per season. That’s right, a runner with more than 100 balls in one season.

The Panthers have invested in their offensive line. North Carolina left No. 6 Ikem Ekwonu in the draft. Veterans Bradley Bozman and Austin Corbett have signed on. Yes, in 2018, former Browns’ GM John Dorsey was selected at the top of the second round. He played a bit like a beginner. A year later, the Browns traded Corbett with Rams. He immediately started as a guard and played in the Super Bowl winning team.

He signed a three-year, $ 26 million deal with Carolina.

“The offensive line is not as good as it was in Cleveland,” Williams said. “But it still has to be very good.”

The Browns’ line-up was hit hard by injuries to Jack Conclin and Jedrik Wills Jr. last season. It was Mayfield. He has been fired 43 times.

Carolina Defendant No. 2. It’s a good room.

“That’s why most fans here are happy,” Williams said. “If Baker improves the offense, the Panthers know they have a better chance of being a better team.”

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