Only days left to complete World Cup Hosts Qatar are reportedly pressuring FIFA to end the sale of beer at eight of the tournament’s stadiums.

The sale of alcohol is strictly controlled in Qatar, but it can be found in the area immediately from the match places and fan zones, as well as in hotels.

Budweiser, one of FIFA’s biggest sponsors, was told on Saturday to move its marquees in stadiums to more prominent venues.

The Times reported that Qatar 2022 now wants to go further And discussions are ongoing between FIFA and Budweiser. A decision is expected on Friday but it is believed beer could be banned from all stadiums.

Budweiser is one of FIFA’s key partners and the soccer governing body would be in breach of a multi-million dollar contract if it was denied the opportunity to sell beer or have any viewings at World Cup matches.

FIFA and Budweiser owner AB InBev were approached for comment.

Asked about the transfer of outlets, AB InBev told Sky News: “AB InBev in 2015 It was announced on November 12 that it is working with FIFA to relocate concessionaires as per the guidelines. We are working with FIFA to bring the best possible experience for fans. Our focus is on providing the best possible consumer experience in the new environment.

If the beer ban goes ahead, the only place fans will be able to drink alcohol will be in the designated fan park, with Budweiser saying a 500ml drink will cost fans a handsome £11.60.

A few hotel bars charge £12-£15 for a beer or glass.

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