L.As he was drinking quietly after work in the bar, he suddenly looked up and could not see half of his friend’s face. I was so confused that I thought I had too much to drink. He hurried away, and as soon as he got home, he went straight to bed.

But the distorted view repeated and soon came to the template. The 37-year-old auditor, from Hezfield, East Sussex, said: “Then it gradually disappears to the upper corners. That’s when the headache goes in.

A few months later, he went to the general practitioner, who told him that these were migraines. Migraine affects About 10% of the population In the United Kingdom, according to the National Migraine Center. One in three Auras are one of those people. Anyone who equates confusing migraine with pain sometimes sees auras without a headache; These are known as “quiet migraines”.

Auras can be visual – usually accompanied by flashing lights, zigzag patterns or blind spots – but they can also include other symptoms such as ringing in the ears, pin and needle, imaginary odor or aphthous ulcers, which can temporarily paralyze a person or understand what others are saying.

Many patients worry about a temporary ischemic attack (TIA), also known as a mini-stroke. However, migraine aura symptoms become “positive” (such as flashing lights and skin tightness) and gradually increase, while TIA symptoms may be “negative” (loss of sensation or vision in your hands). With one eye, for example) and come suddenly.

Zoe, 27, has been suffering from migraines since she was nine years old. “I found zigzag lines. They are the same colors every time – very intense blue, pink, yellow and black. Each aura lasts two to four hours, starting with a severe headache.

“I also have pins and needles, speech problems, loss of sensation in my arms and legs… sometimes so bad, I can’t even walk. During these attacks she also suffers from tinnitus.” I can hear sounds like bees or wasps flying around my head. “

Zoe, a court administrator who lives in Leeds, has up to 20 migraines a month and has had problems at work. (MRI gives other reasons.) At the last minute, she says she has to leave her friends’ birthday party and miss important family events. “Just because we can’t get out of the house or do anything,” she says. “On one level I was struggling with depression.”

Migraine Auras is caused by what is known as cortical diffusion depression. Dr. Mark Weatheral, a consultant at Stoke Mandeville Hospital in Buckinghire, described him as “a small tsunami, followed by a little tsunami, overwork and incapacity.”

He said that these occur most of the time in the visual field, but they are not harmful. “When that wave spreads in the brain, every part of the brain is hit. Excessive movement causes flashing lights or zigzags, and then you have time for inactivity, and that’s where you get the blind spots. Eventually it clears.”

For most people who suffer from migraine auras, Dr. Wezerler said, “All they have to do is rest and let them pass. There is no cure for headaches, only for headaches. Some painkillers, such as ibuprofen, paracetamol, and aspirin, can be treated with over-the-counter painkillers. Studies show that as supplements Magnesium And Vitamin B2 It can help prevent migraines, while coenzyme Q10 Reduces the duration of the attack and Ginger Helps with pain and nausea.

For more severe seizures, tryptan, anti-inflammatory and anti-pain medications can all be prescribed by your doctor to control nausea and pain. Beta blockers, anti-anxiety and anti-epileptic drugs are also used to reduce the frequency of migraines.

Identifying personal triggers may be helpful. Dr. Down Sim, an ophthalmologist and founder of the eye health brand at Morfield Eye Hospital MTHK, Patients often come to her with migraine aura, worrying that there is something wrong with their eyes. After a thorough eye examination, she sat down with them to find out what their triggers were.

“Insomnia, caffeine, chocolate, tea, cheese and red wine… I pass these things on to people and say ‘Oh, all the good things in life?’ You need to identify your trigger. If you overeat or start any small cheese, then if so, you should try to avoid it. if so [auras] Without a headache, it does not affect people’s lives. She also refers people who suffer from migraines to a GP or neurologist.

Kim Oliver in front of a trembling mural.
Kim Oliver, who lost her job due to migraines Photograph: Christopher Tommond / The Guardian

“Food intolerance is pork and cheese,” said Kim Oliver, a 50-year-old Liverpool resident who has retired as a priest due to a migraine. A.D. In 2006, she started having migraines. “I ate bacon, sausage, pate – all my favorite – and within 20 minutes, I left.

A American study 2007 About 80% of the more than 1,200 people who suffer from acute migraine see anxiety as a major cause. Other triggers include hormones, hunger, sleep disorders, snoring, neck pain, alcohol, smoking, heat, light, food, exercise and sexual activity in women.

More than 53% also played a role in the weather, which is true for Oliver. “It’s raining and it’s raining,” she says. To Zoem, it seems like a very consistent trigger. The attack can be removed “if it is dirty or wet or if it is cold and suddenly too hot.” Ashda agrees: “I think the only thing that seems to be related to these is that there is a hurricane.

Migraines, and especially migraines, are slightly more likely to die from coronary heart disease. However, Dr. Wezerler suggested that there was no need to panic. “Most people with migraines have no side effects.” Similarly, “studies have shown that reducing the frequency of migraines reduces the risk of heart disease or stroke,” he said.

As for Ashda, after 20 years of suffering and countless trials, she is still praying for healing to see if there are any basic problems. Migraine slept in a dark room for several days until Aura passed away.

“If I knew when they were going, I could make peace with them. It is ignorance. I have to make a pot for my friend. What do I do if I go out and find one? I hope that one day something will happen to them.

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