KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The Cincinnati Bengals players and coaches offered a defensive performance. Joseph Osai Words of comfort and consolation following a penalty that resulted in the Kansas City Chiefs’ game-winning field goal in the AFC Championship Game.

But in the moments after Sunday’s 23-20 loss, Osai said it was difficult to process his emotions. Osai, red-eyed and soft-spoken, lamented the penalty in the closing seconds of Kansas City. Harrison Booker45 yard field goal on free kick.

“I’ve got to learn from the experience,” Osai said of the advice he received from the Cincinnati defense. Sam Hubbard. “If it’s going to be a penalty in a tight situation like that, I’ve got to know I’m not that close to that quarterback. I’ve got to do better.”

On third-and-4 at the Cincinnati 47-yard line, the Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes He stuck to the right to get a first down. As Mahomes stepped out of bounds, Osai pushed Mahomes from behind. The two had fallen to the ground on the Cincinnati side, and Osai was whistled with unnecessary roughness.

“I was just in full pursuit,” Osay said. “I was trying to push him, maybe get him to go back because I knew he was going to go sideways, trying to get him to go back, let that clock run. I haven’t seen him yet. I don’t know. How far from the border we were.”

A 15-yard penalty put Kansas City on the clock with :03 left. After a 10-game winning streak — and a three-game losing streak against Kansas City — the Bengals were eliminated from playoff contention again in last year’s AFC Championship Game.

Osai said he injured his left knee in the incident with Mahomes. He will get an MRI to find out what kind of damage has been done.

He also said that Bengals coach Zach Taylor was among those who offered encouragement after the game.

“He told me to keep my head up,” Osay said. “He told me there were different plays we had to make, that he didn’t get there, and we had to push forward.”

There were many issues that plagued Cincinnati in its attempt to become the AFC champion and return to the Super Bowl.

As a team, the Bengals committed nine penalties for 71 yards. Quarterback Joe Burrow He was fired five times. Kansas City wide receiver Sky Moore come back Drew ChrismanHe punted the ball 29 yards to his own 47-yard line with 30 seconds left in the game.

Bengal Defence BJ HillAfter the match, while answering questions from reporters in the locker room, Osai, who lined up next to him, said that he has no problem with Osai in the penalty shootout.

“i haven’t [any] I know the intensity of that game and I know what his goals are, so just play hard,” Hill said.

Hill praised Osain for his efforts in his first NFL season. The 22-year-old University of Texas commit was drafted in the third round in 2021 but missed that entire campaign after suffering a meniscus injury in the preseason. When the Bengal defense ended Trey Hendrickson He suffered a wrist injury at the end of this regular season, and Osa’s usage increased.

Against Kansas City and Mahomes, Osai recorded a team-high two quarterbacks.

“You just build that young man up and make him understand that he’s going to come down in inches in this league,” the Cincinnati defenseman said DJ reader he said. “And he’ll be there to make a lot of theatrics.

“That game is going to find him again. These roles are going to find him again as a player, and be ready for it.”

A reader says he has no doubts about this.

“This pain leads to greatness,” said Reader. “It will get there.”

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