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One of Australia’s leading epidemiologists who led a major scientific paper on the origin covid 19 She said the virus “came from a laboratory” in China – a theory supported by “a lot of new information released at various congressional hearings” in the US.

Professor Rayna McIntyre, with the University of NSW, said the possibility that the virus was created in a lab was as plausible as a natural origin theory and should not be dismissed too quickly by other scientists. Speaking to Yahoo News Australia, McIntyre, one of the country’s biggest proponents of pandemic lockdowns, explained what she found in her research.

“The study uses an established tool known as Gruno Fincke (GFT), which is referenced in military medical textbooks and is popular in military medicine, showing that a non-natural origin is more plausible than a natural origin, if not less plausible, and less likely, not a fringe theory,” McIntyre told Yahoo! News said.

In A Science Lab In Wuhan, China.In A Science Lab In Wuhan, China.

One of Australia’s most prominent epidemiologists says there is a “credible possibility” that Covid-19 came from a laboratory in China. Source: Getty

The question of the origin of Covid-19 is ‘open’.

“It does this by considering multiple different intelligences across 11 different parameters and analyzing them using a framework that has been tested and trained on previous natural and natural outbreaks. There is a threshold value that indicates greater probability if it is below or above the threshold.

In epidemiology, GFT is a widely used tool for distinguishing unnatural outbreaks from natural outbreaks.

McIntyre said that “the question of the origin of Covid-19 is an open one” and that when investigating the topic, a variety of different lines of evidence must be considered, including information from government and military sources, not just biology and virology.

Spreading Covid-19 Particle. Spreading Covid-19 Particle.

Professor Rania McIntyre says her research has uncovered a real possibility that Covid-19 originated from a laboratory leak. Source: Getty

“The question of the origin of the virus cannot be answered by virologists alone, because functional research (for example, a virus passed through a series of passages in an animal model) cannot leave clear signs of deception, as a result of which the virus can occur. They look ‘natural’,” she said.

“Epidemiology alone cannot answer the question.

“That’s where risk assessment tools like GFT come in, because they incorporate these and other types of intelligence into assessments… It’s unscientific to silence the ongoing investigation into the question, especially because so much new information has come to light in the past two years from the FOIA. In incoming emails and several congressional hearings in the US.

Most unnatural outbreaks are misclassified.

“Other types of intelligence” MacIntye refers to could include open source, signals or satellite data, political factors, as well as other “detective work” to piece together the complex question of the origin of SARS-COV-2. Paper, published in the Journal of Risk Analysis.

Most unnatural outbreaks in history have been mistaken for natural, McIntyre said, adding that the paper’s findings are consistent with the conclusions reached by U.S. defense intelligence scientists Cutlip and Chretien.

A Couple Have Been Spotted Wearing Masks During Australia'S Covid Lockdown. A Couple Have Been Spotted Wearing Masks During Australia'S Covid Lockdown.

McIntyre said the unnatural origin of Covid-19 is as plausible, if not more plausible, than the alternative. Source: Getty

US intelligence agencies are known to be divided in their judgments, with some like the FBI saying it could be a lab leak, while others like the CIA saying the opposite – as these are credible agencies, they tell us we can’t dismiss both theories so easily. ,” she said.

Sverdlovsk anthrax is a prime example of a laboratory spill.

“When GFT was used to evaluate the anthrax spill in Sverdovsk, Soviet Union in 1979 – Soviet and US scientists thought it was natural – there was a lot of evidence that something unusual was unnatural.

“US intelligence agencies saw satellite signals of roadblocks and decontamination trucks at a bioweapons lab, suggesting a major event, but scientists on both sides of the Cold War denied it was a lab leak.”

“Soviets blamed animals in the market, killed stray dogs in the market and acted on the market to show that American experts agreed with the Soviets that it was natural, published papers saying this in major journals, and shouted anything that suggested otherwise.”

12 years later, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Boris Yeltsin admits to being a lab leaker.

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