Bill Gates He made a statement about it Malaria As he has recently gone out of his way to explain, it shouldn’t be just communities in economic trouble who have to deal with the situation.

He has been an advocate for the fight against malaria

Gates, who was a fundraiser and investor Life threatening He tried to create awareness and prevent malaria from killing people. Mosquitoes For conference participants who are keynote speakers.

People had different feelings

“This guy’s been fighting viruses since Windows 95…” had his antics on social media reacting. Another said, “I’d be crazy to be in that audience!”

“I love how everyone’s clapping and laughing,” continued the next, prompting the reply: “They’re not trying to kill mosquitoes, they’re not clapping.”

This is the second time he has used insects to prove a point.

In the year In 2010, he released Glowing Fireflies to raise awareness of the global energy crisis, and received a standing ovation for his fans in support of them.

Bill and Melinda Gates tried to eradicate malaria

Bill Gates He has been trying to prove a point about global threats carried by mosquitoes like Ebola and SARS.

Both Bill and his ex-wife Melinda Gates Fortunately, they have been using their foundation to attract interest in eradicating malaria.

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