Remember the players were upset with OG Mass Effect 3 using a stock photo of an attractive human woman revealing what fan favorite Quarian Tali looks like unmasked? It seems that developer BioWare wants you to forget about all this, because besides Patch the Tali portrait to less Getty in Mass Effect Legendary Editionthe game maker is now selling merchandise of his updated, unmasked portrait.

The Mass Effect Tali Zorah Framed Photo Replica it’s exactly as advertised on the tin: a metal frame with a brutal acrylic window and a tasteful portrait print of a Tali’Zorah vas Normandy for $30. To the uninitiated, a photo of an attractive alien lady may seem rather simple compared to other BioWare products. Garrus Vakarian body pillowbut the photo is too heavy for those who are in love with Tali BioWare’s reimagined space trilogy.

In case Tali fans need some IRL romantic flavor text to convince Tali fans to add her replica image to their cart, the product description page features a love letter from a purple humanoid alien girl.

Dear Shepard,

You remember I gave you this frame in Normandy. It was my way of expressing my admiration for you and our bond as comrades in arms. On the back of the metal frame I wrote a promise that will never fade – Shepard, wherever you go, I’m with you.

I know it’s not much, but… this is what I look like under the mask. Sorry if it’s not what you expected. I know Quarian faces can be a little different. Every time you look at my picture, I hope you remember our adventures in Normandy, from our battles against Readers to our intimate conversations in the privacy of our quarters.

I’m not one to express my feelings openly, but thank you for being my friend, confidante and inspiration. I look forward to many more adventures together.

Keelah se’lai,


I bet Tali borrowed the last line from one of her favorite space soap operas. Nerd.

FluffyNinjaLlama / BioWare

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Whom Quarian, Tali must roam the galaxy wearing a skin-tight gag suit and face mask to prevent alien germs from nasty people like Commander Shepard from infecting them with deadly disease. This is why Tali goes above and beyond to prepare her immune system for the worst so that she can be close during her romance with Shepard (the male version). Mass Effect 2 and 3.

Now that I have effectively secured my Tali image, I hope Mass effect fans like me will get more updates on the upcoming fourth game in the series soon. Two years have passed ME4 announcement, BioWare and we are exhausted Fan theories on whether or not Shepard will return. My plate is calling. Keelah se’lai.

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