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Modder, streamer and Aussie fighter Lance McDonald It confirmed the truth we all know in our hearts, though not in the form we wanted; that somewhere, the iconic PS4 exclusive Bloodborne is playable on PC.

McDonald made a discovery sitting outdoors for years. Mark DomenechAn environment artist at FromSoftware (who worked on Elden Ring and the upcoming Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon) apparently contributed an image. Bloodborne Fandom Wikiespecially, Oil Boiler Boiler.

Using a technicality beyond our understanding, McDonald determined that this screenshot was taken on the retail setup, not the setup used to develop the game. He describes the process as follows:

“The most artistic[s] they used a PC build of Bloodborne for their work, but Marcos’ screenshots are taken using the actual full retail version of the game running on Windows (you can tell by the download icon in the corner) rather than the early ‘project beast’ era.”

You can check out the rest of McDonald’s work for yourself Tweet above; it’s quite attractive. Famously, McDonald was previously able to get PT’s unplayable horror experience running on Kojima’s unmodified PS5, and even ran Bloodborne at 60fps on a modified PS4, among various other technical feats.

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