Fernando Alonso took the fifth power of the season after his Alpine failed to qualify for Saturday’s Spanish tournament – after the Valiant Bottas switched rooms at the Alpha Romeo during the park season, starting the Austrian Grand Prix. .

Bots finished 10th in Spring but had to start behind the grid after taking the hot units. Now, with the back wing meeting and the suspension set at Alpha Romeo Park Parkme, the Finnish Grand Prix kicks off the road.

What are the potential competitive strategies for the 2022 Austrian Grand Prix?

Due to a power outage, Alonso could not start Sprint, the car was out of stock before the start of the season, and so the final start for the Austrian Grand Prix is ​​underway.

Alpine has a host of cars for Sunday’s fifth internal combustion engine, the fifth turbo, the fifth MGU-H, the fourth power storage, the fourth control electronics and the fifth flue for Sunday’s race.

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