NFL: OCT 31 Rams at Tex

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After Thursday night’s loss to the Eagles, Texans coach Lovie Smith spoke at receiver. Brandon Cooks He returns to the institution on friday. Now the question is how long will it last?

Smith was asked if Cooks would play in the team’s next game against the Giants.

“He’s going to be in the building tomorrow, and everybody in the building is on the football team,” Smith told reporters. “He will be ready to go to the team tomorrow.”

This will not happen. Yes, no. And it was a simple yes or no question.

Smith was asked if Cooks would continue as team captain. Last night, fight. Laremy Tunsil He inherited the “C” on his jersey.

“You know what, guys, I think we’ve talked about it enough,” Smith said. “Brandy didn’t play, okay? I told you he will be back in the building tomorrow. If you want to talk about the game, we can. As far as the captain, we have two attacking captains in every game. Today [Laremy Tunsil] He was our boss. I thought he represented the team very well.

Cookies may no longer represent or be associated with the Group. But as explained on Thursday, cookies He can lose $18 million in guaranteed salary for 2023 if he can’t practice without the team’s consent. And if he just decides to retire, the player could get back most of the $16 million signing bonus he received as part of a deal that was too good to be taken by another team via trade.

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