July 11 New York Post John Hayman Tweets The Braves plan to add Canon to their roster ahead of a series of games against Cannon’s former Mets teammates today.

July 10 ፡- Braves got a linebacker Robinson Cano From Padres for Financial Assessment, San Diego Union-Tribune reports Kevin Asi (Twitter link).

After his release by the Mets in May, Cano soon signed a major league deal with Padres, but was released after rejecting the club’s offer to move to Triple-A. Cano’s former military career gave him the right to choose a free agency, but after seeing the open market, he re-signed with San Diego in a minor league deal.

Since reporting to Triple-A El Paso, Cano has hit the .333 / .375 / .479 slash line on 104 board views. Although the minor league setting (and the fan-friendly environment) needs to be taken into account, Cano’s performance is still in its infancy at the age of 39 and gives some hint after missing the entire 2021 season due to PED. Suspension. Cano only .149 / .182 / .189 over 77 combined pa Padres and Mets at MLB level this season.

The Braves have clearly seen what they like, and now they are bringing it east to NL to see if Canon can renew his work. Atlanta has developed a gold standard against the struggling Patriots, with the club selecting a number of players a year ago. Eddie Rosario, George Solar, Joc Pedersen, Adam Duval) End their run for the World Series. Cano seems to be poor in New York at the moment, Mets fans should have some concern about the sudden fire at Cano and helping Atlanta beat the Mets in the NL East.

Atlanta is thin on left-handed, and has been in second place since then. Ozzie Albies He will be recovering from foot surgery until at least mid-August. On a piece of paper, the right-hand side of the cannon is ideal. Orlando Arscia According to the second, and another correct swing inward Marcel Ozuna By a named Heather.

Soon after, Cano became one of the most feared bats in the game. While his positive PED test will cast some doubt on those numbers, there is little danger in seeing what he can contribute to Atlanta Cano. Of the $ 24mm debt owed to Kano for the 2022 season, sailors ($ 3.75mm) and Mets will cover the rest, so Braves should cover MLB’s minimum wage once he is on the Canon Active List.

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