Is there evidence that voice therapy helps with ADHD?

Dr. Soderlund and other Researchers They studied the benefits of white noise in children Reading disability And ADHD In one experiment, children with reading disabilities completed a 30-minute test of reading and recalling words; Those who listened to white noise through headphones generally performed better on the test.

The noise allows them to focus better and complete academic tasks, says Dr. Söderlund.

This may be because, in people with ADHD, the brain’s prefrontal cortex may struggle to filter out stimuli in any environment, such as a nearby conversation or an image flashing on someone else’s screen, says Dr. Baines. .

People with ADHD may not. enough dopamine In the brain, a chemical that affects attention and motivation, said Dr. Diaz. Without enough dopamine, the brain “starves” when you’re trying to focus, says Dr. Diaz. “While one part of the brain is trying to focus, the other part of the brain is looking for food.” “You’re going to assign circles to a task,” she said, listening to sounds like brown, pink, or white. You heard this while I was concentrating on this task.

What about sound therapy and sleep?

Scientists have come to conflicting conclusions about whether any kind of sound can help you sleep better. A 2020 review of 38 studies was found Limited evidence That’s what he said. White noise Although there are many white noise machines marketed for healthy nights, it can also improve sleep. Some companies promote white noise machines that help babies sleep, the sound simulates the environment in the womb.

Few studies have been done on the use of brown noise as a sleep aid, although one claim has been floating around. Tiktok It means it can help you shake it off.

Ten years ago, A A group of researchers He conducted a small study asking 40 participants to listen to a constant stream Pink noise When you sleep through the night. By looking at the brain waves of the participants, the researchers found that those who listened to the pink noise had deeper sleep, more complex brain waves and better responses to sleep without noise.

Dr. Berlau suggests a simple theory for why people say noise induces sleep—pink, white, or any shade. Noises can disturb your downstairs neighbor, your traffic, and your partner. Snoring.

And, experts say, if any type of voice therapy works for you, there’s no harm in using it.

There can be no danger in listening. Brown tone Unless one is playing at unsafe volumes (listening) for up to eight hours at a time, Dr. Berlau says. A sound above 70 decibels may damage your hearing in the long term).

Meanwhile, there are those who care about the noise.

“If you can find that happy place—a calm, quiet, and coherent mind—it’s a wonderful feeling,” Dr. Diaz says.

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