Hi guys, this is Christine in New York. A reader of this week’s edition of Ask Prognosis thinks it’s okay to double up on flu shots this season. But before we get to that…

If you get a flu shot in early September, can you get a second one later in the season? Joan, Port Chester, New York

This attitude makes total sense to me. We all know that once we reach the fourth dose of covid vaccines, their potency will decrease. And the flu is terrible. Nobody wants a cold! So why not get your flu shot early in the season and then skip it a little later?

While there’s no risk of getting two flu shots, it’s probably not necessary, he says Catherine WallaceEpidemiologist at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

“Studies have shown that their immune system is boosted by the flu vaccine and the flu virus in adults No benefit was seen.to get a second flu shot, even in older people with strong immune systems,” says Wallace. “One flu shot per year is sufficient for most people.” (The rules are different for children, she says. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that children younger than 9 who have never had the flu vaccine get two shots for the first time.)

But the effectiveness of the flu shot is fading. Influenza viruses mutate quickly – more quickly than Covid – making the vaccine you got last year less effective than this season’s version. These are both reasons It is useful Get a new dose of flu vaccine every year to boost your immune system.

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