PUEBLO, Colo. (KRDO)- Game 47 between Pueblo South and Pueblo East ended early after a fight between the teams.

At Holland Clark’s Friday night game, our sports reporter said the play was called. East won 23-0.

See what happened on the field:

Even if the East is declared victorious, the cannon will not be fired this time.

According to D60 athletic director Aaron Bravo, after a “group meeting” it was decided not to give the cannon because it was “not in the best interest of this nation.”

Bravo said the artillery exchange would take place at different times. After the announcement, there was jubilation across the East. But the south side was empty.

Bravo said there will be a meeting on Monday to “look at the whole situation and hopefully prevent something like this from happening again.”

At this point, Bravo is not sure what started the fight, but says he will take appropriate action.

Bravo added that it was not intentional to clear the stadium and say the cannons would not change before declaring East the winner. They just wanted to make a good decision.

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