Kansas City Chiefs v Arizona Cardinals

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Head coach Andy Reid He blamed the soda For collision injuries at State Farm Stadium Harrison Booker and defensive back Trent McDuffie. The Cardinals responded.

“The entire field was replaced on Monday, Aug. 22 — the day after the previous home preseason game against Baltimore — so he had three full weeks before the Kansas City game,” Cardinals spokesman Mark Dalton told PFT. Text message. “That’s more than enough time for Tifway Bermuda 419 hybrid sod to take root, especially in 109 degrees and sunshine.”

Reid attributed the looseness of the lawn to recent re-sodding.

“The field at State Farm Stadium is regularly ranked among the best — if not the best — among NFL players, including in studies conducted by the NFLPA,” Dalton said. “Like all fields, the surface at State Farm Stadium undergoes the NFL’s required testing and certification process both before and after games. Sunday not only met, but exceeded these standards.

But the reality is that all sorts of fields, including the Chicago Swamp on Sunday, should somehow not be guaranteed.

McDuffie injured his ankle while in pass coverage. Although McDuffie’s legs reportedly went out from under him, video from the scene does not clearly show the slip and fall.

Booker suffered the injury while skating during the game. At the end of his long approach to hit the ball from the tee, he slipped. most of the time.

Although it will be several years before the Chiefs play there again in the regular season, they could return in February for the biggest game of the year.

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