They wrote to me, but I don’t write back.He said. What a bar. What a way to end Week 1 of the fantasy football season. But when we already looked ahead, it was within minutes. Geno Smith Dropping the hottest quote of 2022. Injury updates and responses to offseason speculation immediately fill our timelines.

And we’ll see how accurate some of the analysis is when Week 2 starts tonight.

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The battle for the AFC West goes on when the Chiefs host the Chargers

Once again, the NFL schedule makers have treated us to a great night. Instead of a possible Super Bowl matchup, we get a future AFC playoff game. Patrick Mahomes It seemed unstoppable when the bosses revealed their new offense, but as it hurt, Justin Herbert. And the Chargers still have the firepower to match.

I’ve watched this throwback more times than I care to admit. i don’t understand. Not only the pass itself, but the decision to split two defenders in front of the third one baffled me. And look at Herbert later Released. He knew it was good before he arrived We have KeenanHands.

It’s hard to understate how much talent will be on the field in this game. But I will focus on a few things in the Chargers offense.

Last season, Los Angeles was sixth in first-down pass percentage in neutral situations, at 56.8 percent. By 2022, 66.7% were opened. But even though he’s a cyborg under center, Herbert’s aDOT was 5.5 air yards on those plays. For reference, Mahomes had a 6.6 aDOT on Sunday in the same situation. So, you’d think the Chargers would be equally effective on the ground at getting their offense moving.

Los Angeles is ranked 30th in rush hour by the EPA. Somehow, theirs The running ban has worsened. Held in Kansas City James Conner Rushing to a 40.0% success rate and needing a touchdown to save the day. Thank you Austin A similar run may be required. Or, the Chiefs will force the Chargers into high scoring.

Over on Casey’s side of the ball, lifeless Tyreek Hill It seems pretty simple. My longtime bosses can Frankenstein their lobby to the Hill. A man does many things more easily They have many men. It makes our jobs as fantasy managers more difficult, but we quickly saw who “Tyreek Hill” was in action Sunday.

Hill was the team’s leading slot receiver in 2021, a position Mahomes fell to at 37.3 percent. JuJu Smith-Schuster And Michael Hardman Bound for the many roads that lead within. But Smith-Schuster’s YPRR of 1.79 was much higher.

Unsurprisingly, Hill got 20-plus yard targets last year. Homes’ deep ball velocity has slowed as he sees more two-high coverages, but he still swings for the fences when given the opportunity. Again, Hardman got some form. And of course, Marquez Valdes-Scantling Kansas City jetted to keep the pre-clip window dressing intact.

Everything is still there, just with new (and more) faces. Reports of the chiefs’ deaths were greatly exaggerated. But they still have a big challenge ahead of them.

The Chargers’ defensive front is almost identical Pressure rate of bills 30.2% of this, Derek Carr He was 26th in EPA per game. The Raiders’ only explosive passing play didn’t come until the fourth quarter, a 31-yarder Darren Waller. Mahomes can handle pressure, but we’ll see if his new passing options can do the same.

Do not criminalize these people

Trying to keep up with my response from last week. It’s easy to get excited when someone shows up late. But we only have two days to make lineup decisions, and we can’t use incentives as a reason to start someone. To help, I’ve got a few guys to start with if you need a flexible option.

Gerald Everett.

Starting Everett (or getting comfortable with it) doesn’t have to depend on Allen’s availability (He has already been removed). I mean, sure, anyone can connect the dots and see more opportunities for Everett, less than one option for Herbert. But we don’t know how the Chargers will fill an Allen-sized hole on their offense. So, let’s start with what we know:

At worst, Los Angeles was easing Everett into the offense. His 17.4% TPRR ranks 15th among his peers (4 targets per minute). However, compare his usage to other tight ends on a new team. Evan IngramTPRR was 11.4 percent. OJ Howard I got about half of the targets and forgot Austin Hooper It was against the Titans until the fourth quarter. Everett was also efficient in the form he received.

Everett’s 2.35 YPRR puts him comfortably in the top five, with half of his targets coming while the Chargers are scoring. The Chargers’ willingness to move him around (slot, wideout, backfield) in the first game hints at their plan. I’d start him over most of the top-12 options Thursday night.

Jericho McKinnon

I feel vindicated. Clyde Edwards-Heller After Sunday. The Chiefs deployed as optimistic and receptive as we all hoped, with a couple of touches to keep our hopes alive. But he was not a one-man army.

Chiefs running back Clyde Edwards-Heller has fantasy value.

Chiefs running back Clyde Edwards-Heller had a great fantasy day in Week 1. (Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images)

McKinnon tied Edwards-Heller for snaps (27), but McKinnon’s 22.2% targets per line run rate (TPRR) was higher than Edwards-Heller’s (20.0%). While the game was still competitive (0.3 to 0.15), McKinnon had a higher EPA in rushing. His only downfall was not being in the red zone, though We cannot expect the same situation. tonight.

McKinnon had a one-on-one swap with Edwards-Heller in Week 1. At age 30, his 13.6 YAC per reception was comparable to his younger counterpart (14.0). Kansas City needs explosive plays to keep up with Los Angeles, and McKinnon still has the juice. If you need help at RB, check out McKinnon.

Michael Hardman

Not to be twisted. I’m not trying to chase tangents here. After most Cardinals fans had left the stadium, Hardman was scrambling in the end zone. He also had just 16 receiving yards on the day. But the usage caught my eye because the Chiefs will need to use all their weapons to win tonight.

Hardman saw the target on 24.0% of his routes in Week 1. Mahomes was the only target. Travis Kelce and Smith-Schuster to a great extent. of types Targets were also interesting.

Hardman led the team in red-zone targets (3) and tied Smith-Schuster in deep targets, with the rest of the targets coming in the short field. While he’s primarily been on the perimeter, he’s also shown some box scoring versatility. But that didn’t stop Mahomes from looking Hardman’s way.

The only concern I have with Mahomes’ 41 run drop is 25 (fewest of all-time). However, Hardman accounted for 28.3% of the air yards in the opener. He won’t be popular given his track record, but if you need some punch in your lineup, he’s worth a shot.

Let’s wait a week and see how things go

On the other hand, I don’t want to overreact to a game sample. I still carry a few preseason narratives that I can’t compare to last week’s action. Maybe Week 1 is a sign of things to come, but I’ll keep these guys on my bench for now.

Joshua Palmer

The narrative of Palmer’s season was that he was Allen’s replacement. His 10.0 aDOT fits where Allen typically works. When Allen missed last season, it was Palmer who took over the required slot role for the Chargers. However, we haven’t seen much work for the secondary since Allen left the game.

Positive spins he ran the second-most lines and was the only WR with a Los Angeles red-zone target in Week 1. However, Palmer and. DeAndre Carter Divide the role play into three targets each. And Carter was the more effective of the two in Davidfield’s versatility.

Palmer seems like another cog in Herbert’s machine. I’d prefer more time to gain clarity even in what we expect to be a high-scoring tournament.

Isiah Pacheco

Maybe I’m being stubborn here. Regardless, I need to see more from Pacheco. Boxscore scouts will be quick to point out his yardage total as a reason to start him. Ok, cool, I’ll be happy with 12.2 points from a late rounder too. But let’s be realistic about the results for a minute.

Pacheco’s first touchdown didn’t come until the Chiefs’ third drive as the last man in the rotation. Gained two yards on two carries (one goal-line attempt). We didn’t see the starter again until the fourth quarter, when the game was 37-15. With the game in hand, Pacheco added 60 from 62 yards as Edwards-Helair sat down, and McKinnon was picked off on a pointless carry on their final drive. It is difficult to see a similar state of play in TNF.

Pacheco did nothing to change the situation in the pecking order on Sunday. It was lower than the triplicate efficiencies on land (0.01 EPA per experiment). He also did not score a single target on four routes. I’ll wait another week for more clarity on Pacheco’s role moving forward.

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