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Published by OpenAI His– an inspired voice assistant feature that can read your facial expressions and translate spoken language in real-time – and hopefully do all this without giving up on you like in the movie.

During a live demo on Monday, OpenAI engineers and CTO Mira Murati gathered around the phone to show off the new capabilities. They encouraged the assistant to be more expressive when preparing a bedtime story, then suddenly asked him to switch to a robotic voice, finally asking him to finish the story in a voice reading. They then asked the assistant to look at what the phone’s camera saw and respond to what appeared on the screen. The assistant was also able to pause while speaking and respond without continuing while acting as a translator.

The assistant’s voice response sounded very similar to Scarlett Johansson’s character in the movie. His, where a man develops a relationship with a perfect AI assistant. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman in private after the event placed Only one word in X: “his”. He is there too expressed that His it’s my favorite movie. The film explores themes of loneliness and human-AI relationships; It seems unlikely that director Spike Jonze intended to accurately replicate the feeling of robotic isolation for the world.

in a briefing with The Verge, Murati said the assistant wasn’t actually designed to sound like Johansson, pointing out that OpenAI has had those voices for a while. “Someone asked me the same question in the audience, and he said, ‘Oh, maybe the reason I don’t recognize him from ChatGPT is because the voice has so much personality and tonality,'” Murati said.

These features represent a significant improvement over ChatGPT’s existing voice mode, which can chat with the user but with more limited interaction; the current version may not crop or respond to what your camera sees, e.g. The new features will roll out in a limited “alpha” release “in the coming weeks” and will be available first to ChatGPT Plus subscribers as they roll out more widely.

The new voice assistant comes on the heels of a Bloomberg report OpenAI claims to be close to a deal with Apple to put ChatGPT on the iPhone. (When asked at the briefing, Murati said, “We haven’t talked about any partnerships.”) The iPhone voice assistant Siri is notoriously unreliable, so His-The inspired assistant baked into the iPhone looks like something that can actually answer your questions instead of “search the web”.

“The new sound (and video) mode is the best PC interface I’ve ever used. It feels like the AI ​​from the movies; and it’s still a little surprising to me that it’s real,” Altman said blog post after the live broadcast. “Achieving human-level response times and expressiveness is a big change.”