NFL-New York Giants in Washington

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The Chiefs lost to the Giants on Sunday night, 20-12, to miss the playoffs. Taylor HeineckeHis performance in that game on Monday raised questions about his future as the team’s starter.

Hennicki was 17-of-29 for 249 yards and one touchdown, but lost a pair of fumbles and a Giants defensive end. Kayvon Thibodeaux He answered to touch one of them. Another upset came in Giants territory, where head coach Ron Rivera said after the game that he expected them to win games, “we can’t do that.”

There will be no quarterback change before this week’s game against the 49ers. On Monday, Rivera said the team is “sticking with Taylor and what we’re trying to establish” on offense, adding that he thinks a failure to improve on Sunday’s performance could lead to a reversal of the change. Carson Wentz.

“It’s one thing. To be preciseI have to think about it sometimes,” Rivera said, per Jon Keim, via But if we get back on track and play the way we’ve been playing and do what we’ve been doing, we’ll stay where we are.

The Chiefs were 2-4 before Wentz went on injured reserve and went 5-2-1 with Heinicke running the offense, so there seems to be a clear answer as to who will lead the team to more success. With the season shortening and little margin for error in the game hunt, the commanders seem to be taking a short-term view of the situation.

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