Fans of the Buttons can count on Captain America for support, as Chris Evans records even a few weeks later with a newer phone, he still prefers the old iPhone 6S and its button. The topic came up interview with Collider (via iMore) While on a press tour for Netflix’s Russo brothers-directed spy film, which has grossed more than $200 million The gray man, A movie starring Ryan Gosling.

Evans is far from the only person still stuck on the missing button (he and Donald Trump at least agree on something), which was modified by Apple solid circle With taptic engine feedback on the iPhone 7 and finally released completely iPhone X forward. Evans’ other big complaint is that it’s too heavy. Like many people who struggle with larger phones, the actor is fidgeting with the phone with his pinky finger, and no, it’s a recently updated phone iPhone SE (2022) it won’t just be a substitute.

Collider reports that Evans confirmed that his new phone is one iPhone 12what the cameras show is definitely a Pro model, but not the iPhone 13 Pro original Instagram post. In the interview, it was not mentioned where he picked up the old model. Apple went out of business last fall but is still readily available from other retailers and carrier stores.

It doesn’t look like Apple will bring back the favorite button. Some iPhone users may be better off Using AssistiveTouch adding an app-based virtual home button that you can place anywhere on your screen, and that’s not the only one Accessibility settings on iPhone can improve your mobile experience. Another option is to bend all the way about loving iOS gesture controlbut the only thing i can think about is the weight of the phone If Apple adjusts its approach to the iPhone mini.

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