It is not uncommon for competition to take place outside the competition.

$ 1 million by Caesar’s Belmont Derby Invitational Stakes (G1T) Belmont Park26-1 Leading victory Classic way There has been a significant increase in violations in cases involving veterinary records Immanuel Competition for children over 3 years.

As the 13-yard field kicks off on July 9, 1 1/4 mile for Caesar’s Surplus Triple, a battle ensues between the fast-moving classic Cowway and Emmanuel. Winner of Penin Ridge Stakes (G2T).

But when state pastor Brownio Beza Jr. caught Emmanuel on the morning of the race, Kentucky West Racing and Clark M. The Cooper family left Living Trust Hombred Classic Kausway in a convenient location.

“I was very happy to see this,” said winning coach Ken McKeek.

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The relationship was even happier after the Classic Cowboy took control of the pace and took first place on the lawn for three-quarters of a mile and posted the first one since March 12th. He was considered the top candidate for the Lumbohol South Tampa Bay Derby (G2) and the Kentucky Derby by Woodford Reserve (G1).

“They were running for each other,” said Patrick Okif, head of Kentucky West Racing. “It worked really well.”

The victory was a little less than 1-1 favorites Pride of nations It has served as a testament to many of Giants’ highways, which have been plagued by speculation and criticism for the past few months. After completing the 11th Curlin Florida Derby at Hill ‘n’ Dale Farm at Xalapa (G1), coach Brian Lynch said he would not compete in the Classic Caveway in the Rose for the Rose.

In response, the owners pushed him to start running for the Rosses.

The third edition of Makpeck’s modified start in the Ohio Derby (G3) on June 25 was crucial, making the Classic Caveway in the Belmont derby a very long one for McPeek.

“I had dinner with the owners after the Ohio derby and I told them they should try grass at some point. It has legs like pancakes,” McPeek said. “He ran a lot in the last quarter mile in the Ohio derby but he was tired. That’s why I came back. I felt he needed to run. He was laughing and blowing and maybe. He needed the run.”

McEpque also persuaded him to run for just two weeks, thinking that the slow start in a long lawn race would fit the classic caucus.

“He needed a little bit of speed in the race to relax a bit. He had big grass legs on him and his father was the tallest grass horse in Europe,” said McPek. “Mentally he’s a tricky horse because he wants to do a lot in the races. I felt like no one would test him in those dirty races in the spring and the quarter. In the first half he could relax and breathe a little.”

While that was a very accurate prediction, with the help of the blank, Okif was able to enjoy the first part of the 1st episode as a owner for over 25 years.

“We have an adult coach. This was all Kenny’s idea,” O’Keefe said. “He looked me in the eye before this race and said he wanted to take this horse around the world.”

With a long margin of victory over McPeck 1, Classic Cowway and Jockey Julien Leparaux broke the deadlock in 12 games to take a 17-1 European tour lead. Royal Patronage In: 32-1 shot with solid turf at 23.55 Grand Sonata Five lengths return in third. When the Classic Causeway reached the 48.02-mile pole, the Royal Patronage was declining backwards, the Classic Causeway was traveling with a 1/2-long lead, and Macpeck liked what he saw.

Another beginner, Tis The Bomb, who is ninth in the 1-1 draw, said: “The other (Royal Patronage) is back. The rest is history. He was a runner, but I think he was wrong.

Classic Cowway has never looked back in the last six furrows, with a two-pronged lead on the eighth pole and three-quarters of the length – when the line of five horses behind him in vain tried to decorate him.

The milestone and the last quarter was 1 5 59.99, while the Classic Cowway paid $ 55.50 to win, far from the last $ 3.60 win, and the four will return to the Tampa Bay Derby.

“The plan was to go to the helm. The only time I was a little worried was when Joel (Rosario on Royal Patronage) collided head-on with me.” I was making him feel good and relaxed. It was a good run for him. He really felt good today. “

Pride of the Golfine Nations (IAA), a domestic child Theophilus Trained by Charlie Appleby and riding in the Franki Datorium, he gathered an eight-foot-long distance to grab the head of his European companion. Stone Age . The team, co-owned by Peter Brant, John Magnifer, Michael Tabor, Derek Smith and Westberg, was the 11th-ranked Galileo’s son in the first round. Both horses were playing in the United States for the first time.

Although Makpeck once considered running abroad for the Classic Causeway, the August 6 Caesar Saratoga Derby Party Stick (G1T) Caesar Surf Triple will be the next target of the next Classic Causeway.

“The Saratoga derby has no idea,” said Macpeck, who spent the day inspecting horses before the Fascist-Tipton July sale.

Regarding Emmanuel’s scratch, Baeza follows the reason for the contest: “He is under investigation. No decision has been made. Does not explain why.

Baza also said a late stroke Collect tickets This is due to the lack of a competent worker compensation policy in New York at Victory Ride Stakes (G3).

It was also reported that my first Grammy, who lost after Saturday’s second match at a post-match conference, later died of a broken leg.

For the Classic Causeway, the win was the fourth in nine starts and pushed revenue to $ 1,106,100. He is the only winner of the Eight of the 11 Thunderstorms in the private world.

The most recent puppies in the private world are the annual puppy and mule, born earlier this year. Check it out .

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