On Saturday, Washington commanders announced that to mark the 90th anniversary of this year’s competition, 15 candidates will be added to their all-time list. Left-handed Trent Williams was not prominent, which led to speculation Fans And Media members It was deliberately abandoned for a reason. The debate lasted for months That is the end of their tenure in Washington and they are crying on social media The list was a joke. Without him.

At 10 a.m. Monday, Williams and quarterback Robert Griffin III were added to the ballot, including former Fulback Mike seller, Kicker Chip Lohmiller and assistant coach Larry Picatiello.

“Your comments have been heard over the last 48 hours, and we appreciate your feedback,” the group said on Twitter.

A.D. In 2002, a 12-member panel headed by former CNN news editor Bernard Shaw was appointed by Daniel Snyder, the wife of the commanders. 70 Best Players and Coaches In the history of franchise. 10 more names – Clinton Portis, Sen Taylor, Lavar Arrington, Chris Samuel and Bobby Bethihard – have been added to the franchise. 80th Anniversary Group In 2012. Another 10 individuals, being Determined by the vote of online fansHe will be added to the team at this time.

Terry McLaren is ready to lead as he and his commanders honor a new agreement.

A.D. In addition to Lahmiller, Pekatilo, Williams and Griffin, who were named Washington’s first NFC East Cup winners in 13 years in 2012, the following players and coaches have been nominated this year: Champion Bailey, Chris Cole, Kirk’s cousins, Stephen Davis, London Fletcher, Daryl Grant, Deanjelo Hall, Ryan Kerigan, Joe Lavender, Alfred Morris, Santana Moss and Laver “Torgi” Torgeson.

According to the Commander’s Spokesperson, the list of nominees was prepared after the participation of several members of the Franchise 80th Anniversary Team, other selected alumni and team leaders. Over the weekend, comments on social media focused on commanders-in-chief Jason Wright and led the team to improve voting, including Williams and Griffin. The group also corrected many. Incorrect spelling and other errors On the site starting Saturday.

Brian Mitchell, a member of the 80th anniversary of Franቻois, said he was surprised to see Williams’ name removed from the first ballot on Monday.

“His name was on a list of many people,” said Michel, a supporter of 106.7. “I know the people who chose Trent. I’m sure.”

In the 2010 NFL Draft, Williams’ absence was more pronounced than Griffin’s, considering the team’s continued success of seven probosals with Washington after selecting a fourth overall pick. It was not hard to imagine why both players were initially left out.

Griffin, released by the group in 2016, Plans were canceled earlier this year A memoir that he promised to contribute to the broken history of the organization and the “lack of medical care” that has changed his career.

Williams’ release was difficult. A.D. In 2019, he skipped the team’s mandatory mini-camp and training camp and extended the first half of the season after requesting a trade deal. Williams returned to the non-football injury list after the October 29 deadline and ended his season. He told reporters at the time that he was upset. Diagnostic cancer diagnosis By the team’s medical staff. The saga ended in April 2020, when Washington sold Williams to the San Francisco 49ers for two draft picks.

“Trent’s absence, obviously, intentional,” Al-Galdi said Monday. On his podcast.

While acknowledging that the group was “absolutely flawless” in the debate, Galdi added that he would not blame Snyder, who was offended by Williams after the organization’s ugly remarks.

“My goal was to be a good teammate and put a good product on the field and I think I did both.” Williams said. In December 2020, he became a 49-year member of Washington before the first meeting. “While I was there, I played good and successful football and received many awards for it. And that’s all I want to do. When you think about me, I want my legacy as a footballer who does his job well. When they see me, they think differently.

Williams played Pro Bowl with 49 ers in each of the first two seasons and won the All-Pro team last year. EA Sports recognized its greatness as the developer of the video game franchise developer as the first attacker. Get a total of 99 levels.

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