The real impact of this recent round of conference adjustments is the image of one of the world’s most powerful athletes “making phones.” This is how a source described Phil Knight’s desperation this week.

A marketing genius, philanthropist, philanthropist and multi-billionaire, the Dog himself is using all his resources to find a home in Oregon. Empire

Knight has been reduced to a cold call telemarket. And that is a tragedy.

A.D. This is what the USC and UCLA’s transition to the Big Ten in 2024 looks like. Last week we were reminded of the cruelty of this system of things.

Pac-12 may or may not survive, but once the two major programs are gone, it will change forever. All of this is to remind you that the ACC is trying to keep its top teams, but the big 12 may be reorganizing in the fourth round since 2010.

What we are seeing in real time is the strengthening of the best brands in the sport. Let everything else be condemned. When Knight slows down to a speed dial to save the ducks, that takes the stigma to another level.

You may have noticed that the SEC and Big Ten Notre Dame (or more) are far from setting up their own game. They may not even need an Irish fighter to decide to join a conference after 130 years of independence.

You can see the accessibility and relevance of all except the experts – and those who are lucky enough to attend their meetings. Some ACC schools are in a state of panic. $ SEC million a year is behind the SEC and Big Ten behind annual payments.

An industry source says a school could cost $ 500 million to leave the ACC. Lots of great coaches, $ 1 million coordinators, equipment and swag copters for this kind of money.

Some of the pressures have turned into incentives. Do they make a difference? Can the current cost continue?

A source at a high-end football program says donors have been called.

One day soon, the SEC and Big Ten may decide to exchange 95 scholarships for the current 85. Some outside the two major conferences may continue, but at what cost?

The leadership and thinking of the four new energy commissioners – all hired since 2020 – is more diverse than ever.

Last week CBS presented the sport A three-part series on the future of college football. One of the conclusions? 130 FBS schools separate from NCA, possibly late.

Now, that number seems smaller, more dangerous. Maybe 50-80 cuts. Look at the nightmare.

This was always going to happen. People were outraged when the SEC increased Arkansas and South Carolina in 1991. In 1990, the Southwest Conference fell victim to a number of NCAA violations, including the Big Ten Penn State. The Big 12 appeared in 1996, and has since fallen. Only six original members remain (Baylor, Iowa, Kansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas Tech). Big East football ended with a 2013 conference.

Now, as the SEC and Big Ten have gathered in those conferences, most of the brands at the top of the game have not been mobilized and have much power and potential.

The rest is a crazy rush at other big conferences to catch the big remaining brands. What the SEC and Big Ten will do in 2024-25 will not bring another conference to the table. The battle is now to see if one or more ACC, Big 12 and Pac-12 SEC and Big Ten can assemble enough popular programs to hold their own playoffs.

That brings us back to the cool call of the night. Oregon and Washington are in a world where they have no chance of competing for national championships. A world that never thinks of playing volleyball with four volleyball players. A world that took the lives of two Power Five conferences in a series of summers.

Oregon and Washington are the two best football programs “in the game” when the Pac-12 drops to 10 teams; However, there is a reason why editing is not prominent. According to industry sources, none of the Big Ten ($ 80 million – $ 100 million a year) bring value. The “Four Corners” most frequently mentioned for Big 12 are the “Four Corners” schools in Arizona, Arizona, Colorado, Utah.

According to Big 12 TV rights consultants, the two most important issues to promote are brand and geography. Geography pushed Oregon and Washington to the brink. (This does not necessarily mean “brands” like Arizona and Arizona.)

If Big 12 expands, it is not necessarily for money but for existence and relevance. One high-profile industry source called the gap between the expanded Big 12 or the Pac-12 “coin copying.” Think of the reason for the expansion this way.

When ESPN Texas and Oklahoma moved to the SEC, he threw the big 12 into the garbage can and answered that question unexpectedly last summer.

The network told us that the world would not end if we did not get a chance to finish the top four, such as Oklahoma State, Iowa State and TCU. College football Game of Thrones. When the Pac-12 was relegated last week, it received more answers.

Rating is important. Oklahoma 12-1 from SEC 9-3 Oklahoma State is more important when Big 12 has a better chance of competing.

An industrial source has been renamed “tweeners” in Oregon and Washington. They are not USC and UCLA in terms of branding and marketing capabilities, but they are not Arizona and Arizona states. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there.

Without Oregon and Washington, the Pac-12 could collapse. With them, nothing could happen.

Conference Adjustment Notes

The next big focus is announcing the big ten new billion dollar television deal. That could happen in Gala, possibly a few days later this month in the league’s media releases. The big ten may expand. It doesn’t matter, in fact, because Notre Dame has its time and benefits. If he decides it is too big to deny the money and / or it is too difficult to keep winning, he could join the Big Ten.

The culmination of this round of relegation is a victory for the league.. A.D. He is happy with the current 12 teams in 2025. The worst fall for the Park-12 is a combination of the west side of the mountain. This is the only two teams left in Oregon and Washington, where they won the National Championship, played two titles since 2010 and participated in the Five Rose Bowls since 2001. Both schools are the only participants in the Pac-12. CFP

The merger between the Big 12 and the Pac-12 is still an option, but … A source told CBS Sports that the membership process – at least in the top 12 – could be completed within weeks, not months.

Three of the four new Big 12 schools (BYU, Cincinnati, Houston, UCF) are American. When the league launches for TV rights earlier this week, that’s part of the story surrounding the future of Pack-12. Why do you want to go to a meeting of a fourth group of members? Why is the “moment” of stability in the history and tradition of Pack-12 dangerous?

Why really? The Pac-12 has promised ESPN and Fox 10 teams that they will not be loyal to each other. The big 12 was already hovering over, ready to snatch members from the West Coast. But copyright holders are already asking what are we talking about? Which schools live there?

Clemson, Florida, Miami, North Carolina and Virginia from ACC They are referred to as Rehabilitation Dance Partners, but at least they are at a TV agreement conference. This shows the fact that there is indeed a problem right now. Super Conference is here and they are not going anywhere. Introduce programs such as Notre Dame, Clemson, Florida, and / or Miami, and suddenly two conference games will take place. The rest can be a group of six or seven that are not sweet. At the time, the obvious game was to create a new subdivision that would set its own gameplay. The money – no Huge Money – it will be there.

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