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Happy spring! This week we’re writing about women’s ailments, water truck escapes, and an embarrassing issue for many – flatulence. Plus, we got happy snacks. But before that…

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Social media outcry about IUD pain

Although women have been talking about the pain associated with intrauterine devices (IUDs) for years, IUD users are taking to social media to voice their concerns that women are not being given enough options to manage their pain.

This week, reporter Lindsey Beaver reported on a fascinating trend – women posting social media videos of their pain during IUD placement. The videos show women wincing or crying in pain – all while the health provider tries to calm them down. In one video, a medic said, “Sit down. are you fine.”

The most frustrating thing about the case is that there is no improvement in the pain relief of this procedure.

In an opinion piece eight years ago, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) acknowledged that IUD insertion is “painful for many women.” In January, the organization reaffirmed its 2016 opinion, stating that research has not shown “an effective method to reduce this discomfort.”

Research shows that doctors and other providers underestimate women’s pain during IUD insertion. In a study of 200 women, most of whom had given birth, the women reported an average pain intensity of about 65 on a scale of 0 to 100.

The providers, however, rated women’s pain at 35.

Please read the full report for more information.

The tragedy of the bridge in Baltimore

The unthinkable happened in Baltimore this week. A ship crashes into the Francis Scott Key Bridge. The ship’s “Mayday” call prompted officials to rush onto the bridge to stop traffic and save many lives — but that’s little comfort to families who lost loved ones. The disaster has some wondering how prepared they are for such a nightmare scenario. How to escape if your car is in water?

Under normal circumstances, drivers who remain calm have a chance to escape from a car in water. In the year In 2013, a 22-year-old woman from Calvert County, Md. She survived after her car went off the side of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and plunged 27 feet into the water.

Our team at Byway has put together some tips on the topic. The recommendations are useful for various traffic conditions, severe weather and flooding or an accident near a body of water.

I’ve heard that your diet affects how often you pass gas and how you smell. What else causes foul-smelling flatulence? And how much unloading is normal?

Bad smelling plaque is largely a function of what we eat and our body and microbiome. For example, a 1971 study published in Gut found that those on a high-fiber diet containing beans produced nearly twice as much gas as those on a fiber-restricted diet—49.4 mL per hour versus 26.7 mL per hour. Hour, to be exact.

If you (or your dear friend) think you pass gas more often than everyone else, know that we do it an average of 10 times a day – but up to 20 times a day is in the normal range. Scientists have also observed that we pass gas at the same rate when we are young or old.

To learn more about this very common but embarrassing bodily function, read advice from our Ask the Doctor columnist Trisha S. Pasricha.

Here are a few things that brought us joy this week.

  • This warm broccoli grain salad can turn vegetable skeptics into enthusiasts.
  • Nature Enthusiast, 10, makes a rare find: a pink grasshopper
  • New ‘Top Chef’ host Christine Kish aims to bond with ‘tough love’.
  • A truck with a cat inside was stolen. Neighbors moved to find him.
  • This $20 fix will improve your shower and lower your water bill

Want to know more about “happy” snacks? Our Brain Matters columnist Richard Sima explains. Ycan you Read this story as a joke.

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