News: It can be frustrating to face the “No Pal Sphere” error in Palworld, but there are several solutions you can explore to overcome it. This challenge is usually related to the Early Access stage of the game, which includes connectivity issues and bugs. Some players have shared instances of receiving a “No Pal Sphere” notification, even though they have Pal Spheres in inventory. This problem appears when trying to use Pal Spheres in the game.

Possible solutions

1. Craft more pal spheres

One way to get around the problem is by creating more Pal Spears. You can do this with Workbench and the necessary materials. Follow these steps to make Pal Spheres:

  • Open your container and go to the Workbench tab.
  • Look for the “Pal Sphere” option and select the type you want to make (Standard, Mega or Ultra).
  • Place one palladium shard, three wood and three stone in the crafting grid.
  • Finally, click the “Craft” button to create the Pal Spheres.

2. Check the sphere type

If you take the Mega Sphere, make sure you don’t switch to it by mistake. Sometimes players switch to a different type of sphere without realizing it. To change the Sphere Type to Standard (or whatever type you want), do the following.

  • Press the number “2” on your keyboard or the down button on your controller’s D-pad.
  • This step should change the Sphere Type to Normal or the type it was previously using.

3. Make sure to remove the spheres

After creating the Pal Spheres, it is important to remove them from the Workbench. The game does not automatically add items to your inventory. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Go to the Workbench tab in your inventory.
  • Look for the Pal Spheres and click the “Remove” button next to them.
  • This step will add the crafted Pal Spheres to your inventory, making them ready for use.

In summary, if you encounter the “No Pal Sphere Available” problem in Palworld, consider making more Pal Spheres, check the Sphere type, and make sure you retrieve the Spheres from the Workbench. Following these troubleshooting steps will help you resolve the issue and allow you to continue enjoying the game. It’s important to note that given the game’s Early Access level, occasional bugs and glitches are to be expected.

Questions to be asked

Q: Despite following the troubleshooting steps, I am still facing the “No Pal Sphere” issue. What could be the reason for this persistent problem?

A: If you’ve tried the recommended solutions and the problem persists, it may be due to another issue. We recommend contacting the game’s support team for further assistance.

Q: Can the Pal Spheres I create be used across multiple saves in Palworld?

A: Sure, once you’ve created Pal Spears, they can be employed in any Pal Word spars. Regardless of the specific save file, they remain accessible in your inventory.

Q: Are upcoming game updates expected to fix the “No Pal Sphere” issue?

A: Palworld developers are continuously improving the game and fixing known issues. Upcoming updates may include bug fixes and improvements, which may resolve the “No Pal Sphere” issue.

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