– The official CVD-19 case measurements significantly reduce the actual number of infections, making the United States an important blind spot due to the highly contagious coronavirus variability.

Omicron offshoot BA.5 It became a major replacement in the United States last weekAccording to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

North Carolina tended to follow the same trends as the rest of the world; And BA.5 is already superior. Sub-variable Southeast, according to CDC data. In North Carolina, BA.5 first appeared in early May. By the end of June 25, he had done 38% of the series.

Substitutes contain key mutations that help escape antibodies caused by vaccines and pre-infections. “The number of illnesses is increasing and more hospital stays are coming,” he told CNN Monday. “One good thing does not seem to be in line with the ICU registers and the differences between the previous ones, but this is definitely a concern.”

But to look at official matters, it is difficult to identify.

Of The share of reported cases is “always low”. “So there is no doubt,” said Dr. Michael, an epidemiologist and chief science officer at Tele Health Company eMed.

CV-19 cases were observed to some extent at the time of the outbreak due to lack of testing in some areas and possible missed symptoms. But as people rely on rapid home-based tests – and the general outlook on the epidemic – the United States has not come up with a reliable way to monitor transit levels.

The Institute of Health Metrics, a research center at the University of Washington, estimates that the actual number of infections in the first week of July was nearly seven times higher, reaching an average of 107,000 daily in the past two days. Data from Jones Hopkins University indicates weeks.

The CDC said it was a “wonderful opportunity” to monitor the V-19 situation in the United States, where most undocumented people in the United States were involved. In May, 5% of travelers underwent a positive test, which translates to at least 1 million new infections per day in the general population of the United States – 10 times more than the official census.

Now BA.5 is here, “We know there will be a storm in the fall – no doubt about it – before that.

The doctor recommends that children be vaccinated because BA.5 is an alternative

But with so many variables playing out, it makes no sense to compare the current state of affairs with other epidemics.

“We don’t really understand what the basics are,” said Dr. Marcus Plecia, chief medical officer for state and state health officials. “At this point in time, 2022 compared to 2021,” this is where we are here – this is not an accurate comparison. “

B Evaluate your individual CV-19 threat When it comes to new differences, experts say that personal and family accounting can be a better measure than official data.

“People ask each other, they exchange stories, and this may not be a bad source of information,” said Baruch Fischeff, a professor at Carnegie Melon University and founder of the U.S. Food and Drug Disaster Advisory Committee.

Our social networks may be more consistent than the national surveillance system, and “If more people in your circle are infected in the past and the size of your circle is the same, then there is probably more disease than ever before.

Serious results do not tell the whole story

In a brief statement from the White House Covenant-19 Response Team – most recently two weeks ago – CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walinski outlined these important warnings without citing the trends.

Months ago, CDC moved away from the CVD-19 transit standards and focused on hospital-related measurements, focusing on the CVD-19 community level, focusing on the number of cases and positive rates of diagnosis.

During this winter osmotic surgery, hospitalization and death did not follow the same gradual pattern as the case – a significant change from previous epidemics.

But experts say that the fact that serious consequences are still being felt is an important factor.

“But when we get to the point where people are infected, it doesn’t cause any serious illness – perhaps the most serious new difference, or it doesn’t bring long covines – if nothing really. According to Jason Salemi, an epidemiologist and associate professor at the University of South Florida, we no longer care about the effects of poor health.

“But let me make it clear we are not here yet.”

There is no evidence that BA.5 can cause more serious illness, but studies show that BA.5 can escape antibodies from vaccines or previous infections – even from another Omicron subunit. Vaccines are still expected to protect against serious illness, and for spring, vaccine makers are developing improved booster vaccines including the Omicron BA.4 and BA.5 strains.

There are treatments, such as paxlowed antiviral pills, that greatly reduce the risk of death or serious illness. And high-quality masks, ventilation, detachment and isolation still help to reduce the spread of any variation, including BA.5.

Currently, more than 5,000 people are being admitted to the hospital every day, according to CDC, and more than 300 die every day, according to JHU.

Focusing on these “delayed indicators” will cost significant time to curb human behavior and prevent many diseases and deaths, Salem said.

If 1 out of 5 CV-19 infections results in long-term CVD and more than seven times the actual number of infections, the number of people with CVD may increase by 100,000 per day.

Working around blind spots

For now, the United States is in the “sustainable phase of its efforts to control things,” compared to “previous responses, emergencies – and emergence.”

But the federal government has recently put its resources to the test because Congress has not approved more covand funds, and the move has left the United States “very blind” when it comes to failure.

Some monitoring programs are in progress, such as monitoring the amount of virus in sewage. But they are “small,” and “in general, they are not really giving us a good picture of what is happening in the United States.”

Mina, referring to the previous Omicron sub-variants, said: “We were floating in this big epidemic. “But we shouldn’t give up our protection. I say, because with BA.5, I expect it to be a very different story.”

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