Bay Area health officials said Wednesday that flu activity and other significant increases
Respiratory viruses
Emergency department visits have spiked since the beginning of the month and are putting a strain on the region’s health systems.

“Not only is this the first year we’ve had COVID, it’s the first year we’ve had influenza activity and unusually high levels of RSV,” Santa Clara County Deputy Health Officer Dr. Sarah Rudman said in a press release. “These are two other viruses that can cause the same respiratory symptoms as COVID, but can also cause severe respiratory disease – or even life-threatening disease.

Santa Clara County
The Ministry of Health announced that the percentage of emergency room visits for influenza-like illness was three times higher than during the 2019-2020 flu season, before the start of the coronavirus pandemic. In response, the agency
Flow data dashboard
To control the concentration of flu in the county – one of the first of its kind in the US

The device, which is widely used to control the rate of the corona virus, is used as an early warning system for hospitals and healthcare systems.

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