Despite many roadside restrictions over the past several months, many businesses and universities are still enforcing immunization obligations for new employees or students.

Although there is clear evidence that the vaccines do not prevent the spread of the virus, administrators have been reluctant to change the direction of the order.

These evil policies continue to hurt tens of millions of people, out of a desire to deny that they are wrong.

Now a A new pre-publication study He tried to measure the effectiveness of vaccines against Omicron academically by including systematic review and secondary data analysis by Italian researchers.

Although many realize that the two vaccines do not prevent a series of symptoms, as in December 2021, Dr. Fauchi He said it was an incentive Omicron was 75% effective in preventing symptoms.

The researcher’s findings are not good for the country’s top public health “experts” and for those who ask for indefinitely.

If it is in direct conflict with Faucci and other “experts”, the findings of the study indicate that the effectiveness of the vaccine is less than 20% of the infection and less than 25% of the vaccine effectiveness after a few months.

“We found immunosuppression associated with oxycodone infection and symptomatic disease, after being given two and three doses. Strengthening levels have been found to restore VE compared to those found recently, but there has been a rapid VE enrichment reduction in Omicron, less than 20% VE infection and less than 25% symptom severity from 9 months of administration.

It is important to point out that it is the FDA. Permission limit Vaccines are 50% effective in preventing the disease.

Not only did the first two doses fail to maintain that level, but according to Faucci, the rate at which “to keep people healthy” was reduced by almost half with symptoms.

It is interesting to note that their evaluation of the evidence does not include studies that measure the effectiveness of antidepressant measures in the FDN. He allowed the vaccines Producing antibodies for young children;

“Supervisors have allowed vaccinators to reduce the effectiveness of vaccines by showing that the vaccine has antibodies that are similar to those used to protect young people and adolescents. This helped to speed up the trials. ”

Instead of hoping that the FDA will lead to higher levels of anti-human activity, this study shows the exact opposite.

Remember that Moderna I understand The vaccines were “100% effective” in adolescents, Fauci said. In an interview They were “approximately 100% effective”.

In this regard, motivational orders for healthy college students or staff cannot be reasonably prevented on the basis of “protecting the health and safety of others”.

There is no protection against disease with the major variables, which eliminates any impersonation of necessity.

Although it is unlikely that “so-called” experts or their media partners will revisit their statements based on new studies that show that their assumptions are hopelessly wrong.

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